Pelosi Just Can’t Accept That Trump is the Brains of This Operation

Nancy Pelosi has put herself in the spotlight for dummies once again. The president has pushed for a new relief package to be developed and approved.

The amount of the package amounts to $1.8 trillion. The president realizes that lives are at stake because the pandemic has caused many people pain and financial hardships.

Her reluctance to even work with the president on this matter has spurred up her fellow Democrats claiming she has gone too far with her personal feelings. Andrew Yang, for instance, has stated, “Nancy Pelosi take this deal! Put politics aside people are hurting.”

Nancy Pelosi has lost sight of why she is serving in politics. It is no longer about representing her district that elects her each year. It is more about what she can do to stand in the way of the president from getting things done.

This approach of hers has caused her to become an enemy of the United States. By trying to hurt the president, she is hurting the people that she is supposed to represent.

Pelosi continues to politicize the issue by stating that the president has not done a good enough job of stopping the virus. She fails to see that the virus is under control, and now it is her own actions that keep things from getting back to normal.

But as a Democrat, she cannot believe that the virus is not as nasty as was once thought because then she would have to admit that the president has been right all along.

President Trump wants to help people get back on their feet. But the Democrats are dragging their feet to keep any idea and method he has from becoming a reality. She simply has let her feelings get in the way of doing what is best for the country.

Democrats run their lives by how they feel at the moment. They are quick to jump to conclusions, which ends up putting them in a barrel of trouble when reality sets in. Pelosi saw the president’s name on the package, and she immediately killed the plan to help people.

Pelosi has stated that “This proposal amounted to one step forward, two steps back.” President Trump wants to see more money for people in the form of a stimulus check, which would be extremely helpful to millions of people. And he wanted to provide another $400 per week for state and local governments dealing with unemployment.

Even liberal Dan Pfeiffer from the podcast “Pod Save America” said, “While there are potential risks, Democrats should aggressively pursue a COVID Relief deal with Trump. It’s the right thing to do, but politics can also work in our favor.”

Pelosi and Biden are doing a great job of pushing people to the president’s camp so close to the election.

A third liberal nutcase, Ro Khanna, states that “People in need can’t wait until February.” Her hatred so blinds Pelosi that she cannot even hear her party telling her to work with the president.

Pelosi’s mental ability and state of mind are not what they were when she was younger. Her age is finally getting the best of her, much like Biden’s age is doing to him.

President Trump has the mental ability and strength to lead this country for another four years. His plan for economic recovery and growth has no equal.

He promised in 2016 to make America great again, and that is precisely what he has done. Even though the pandemic, America was great and even helped other nations struggling to keep the virus under control.

His plan for the next four years is to add to America’s greatness. He will continue to roll back the things that are killing the economy and strangling growth. He has promised to finish securing the country, and he has pledged to support the military and law enforcement around the country.

The next four years under President Trump will be some of the greatest moments in American history. Nothing that the Democrats can do now will ever amount to President Trump’s work for the country.