Pelosi Claims Federal Vigilantes are Making it Worse

Nancy Pelosi is starting to sound more and more like the rogue politicians of Gotham City. Rather than thanking Batman for keeping the city safe, he’s labeled as a vigilante.

Now, Pelosi is identifying federal agents being sent in to bring peace to Democratic cities ‘vigilantes.’

There are cities that are literally burning right now because of the violent riots happening. It’s hard for the Dems to see the flames because they like to live in ignorance. However, the liberal looters are so proud of their mischief that they record it and post it on YouTube and Twitter for the world to see. So, it’s easy to see all that’s going on. Social media can be a wonderful thing when the media wants to hide the truth from tax-paying Americans.

The Democratic-run cities like Portland, Seattle, Chicago, and Kenosha are in serious trouble. Riots have been going on for weeks. Mayors and governors choose to stare at the problem and claim that it’s a right for people to peacefully protest.

Since when are fires, shootings, and throwing rocks at cops peaceful?

Dem leaders don’t want to do anything. However, Trump isn’t about to sit back and watch the country burn. He also has a right to protect federal buildings – and that’s where the Department of Homeland Security comes in. He has dispatched DHS to many of the cities to protect federal courthouses. He’s also picked up the phone and offered National Guard to every governor where there is violence happening in major cities.

What has Pelosi done? The only thing she’s managed to do is tap her feet in distaste while yelling at Trump for all that he’s doing. Clearly, she would do things differently. And by doing things, it would mean doing nothing.

What you’re seeing on the videos posted to social media are lies. It’s fake news. Huh. Is that fake blood, too? Are those actors instead of cops?

Wake up, Pelosi. Real people are getting hurt by really violent protesters because the Dem leaders aren’t doing a damn thing.

Pelosi’s claim is that “the encouragement that the president, the acquiescence if not more than that, that he gives to vigilantes coming in to make matters worse in these situations is something the president should be quelling rather than encouraging.”

Come again? Those vigilantes are coming from the Department of Homeland Security. He’s encouraging them because it’s the only way that the cities will regain any kind of law and order. If it were up to her and the rest of the progressives in DC and across the nation, the cities would simply allow the protests to continue. At what point is a Dem going to condemn the violence?

That’s like saying Batman is the reason that Gotham City has crime. No. Batman is trying to save Gotham City from corruption. Pelosi is a villain without even knowing it. She should at least own it if she’s going to try to tear apart the country. Add an evil laugh or some outlandish purple eyeshadow. Something to warn people that she’s not the sweet, innocent 80-year-old politician that she pretends to be.

The reason that the “vigilantes” are even in the city is that the demonstrations are no longer peaceful. Two people were killed in the attacks of Kenosha – that’s two more than what happened when the police shot Jacob Blake. So, the shooting of one man warrants the death of two?

Jacob Blake’s mom has already condemned the violence, saying that they’re not about rioting and destroying of property.

Yet, Pelosi continues to pull the wool further down over the country’s eyes, staying that, “We all respect peaceful demonstrations. We don’t want them to be exploited by outside groups be they vigilantes and the rest to stir it on.” Perhaps both she and Biden enter a mental facility. The demonstrations have proven that they’re not peaceful and the vigilantes she speaks of are federal agents.