Pelosi Cares More About Subways Than Children

Mass transportation or the future of the nation. It should be a simple decision, at least, it is if you have a heart. Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats have chosen to focus more money on subways than on the mental health of children.

Does San Francisco actually need a subway? Absolutely not. It could certainly help to reduce traffic on the surface roads, but it’s not a necessity.

What is a necessity is ensuring that children across the nation have access to the mental health services that they need? Between the pandemic itself and being schooled virtually, more children than ever are suffering from depression and various undiagnosed mental health conditions.

As the House Democrats focused on passing a coronavirus bill worth $1.9 trillion, they had the opportunity to act. They had the opportunity to don capes and come to the rescue of millions of children. Instead, they chose a subway project that is only going to help a single town. However, it’s not just any town – it’s the hometown of the Speaker of the House.

Republicans had added an amendment to the bill that would have redirected $140 million away from the subway project and to mental health services. This should have been an easy amendment to accept. After all, what does a subway project have to do with helping Americans recover from the pandemic?

The House Democrats ripped the amendment off of the bill and, then, swiftly passed it.

Unacceptable – and several Republicans were quick to point out the slanted priorities of the Democrats. This included the author of the amendment, Ashley Hinson, a Republican out of Iowa along with Kevin McCarthy out of California, who is also the House Minority Leader.

As McCarthy tweeted, the Democrats blocked $140 million in grants that would have gone to help the children, saying, “Know where they decided to spend that taxpayer money instead? Pelosi’s tunnel.”

It’s disgusting, really. Money that could have helped children is going toward a subway. Money from taxpayers all over the country is funding a subway that will only be used in a single city. Why should money from taxpayers in Florida, Texas, Iowa, and all over the country be used to fund a tunnel in San Francisco? Because Pelosi wanted it. It’s as disgustingly simple as that.

The Democrats add little pet projects to the stimulus bill so that they can garner each other’s support. They’ve proven once and for all that they don’t care about the children. If the suicide rates among the under 18 crowds double or triple, at least Pelosi can boast about a new subway for her city.

There was not a single Republican in the House who voted for the massive spending bill. There were also two Democrats who chose to break rank and vote against it.

Now, the bill is heading to the Senate where it has less than two weeks to get the support it needs and get signed by Biden. Otherwise, unemployment benefits will come to a screeching halt.

Whether it makes it through the Senate the way it is or not is anyone’s guess. Without Pelosi there to make a compelling case as to why her Subway project should get federal aid, it may get cut – and it should get cut.

There is a smaller Democratic lead in the Senate, too. As long as someone who votes Democrat believes that the children need to gain mental health benefits, it’s possible that the amendment could get added again.

Really, when Congress is talking about spending $1.9 trillion, what is the big deal about tossing $140 million toward the children? The children are suffering – and if the problem doesn’t get dealt with now, it’s going to require considerably more money later on.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to teach the Democrats that they should care about the children, and that’s what’s truly heartbreaking. It’s the children that suffer, and Pelosi doesn’t even care.