Pandemic. That’s Why Abortion Pills Should Be Made More Readily Available

The Democrats will use any excuse to kill unborn children. Forget about the Christian roots that the country was founded on. If people want to murder their unborn children, the Democrats will make sure that they have a clear, paved route to do so.

Morality went out the window a while ago.

The Democrats are now choosing to use the pandemic as a way to get more of the wiggle room that they have been searching for. This includes applying pressure on the FDA to loosen some restrictions having to do with the abortion pill.

Currently, the FDA has an in-person requirement to provide abortion medication. During the first trimester, many women are able to take mifepristone in order to abort the fetus. It’s something that can easily pass without any kind of actual removal from a healthcare professional.

However, a person does have to go into a clinic in order to get the pill.

That is unacceptable, according to many Democrats. The “deadly pandemic” should be cause for changing the rules. After all, if a person wants to abort their baby, they should be able to do so quickly – and without risking exposure to COVID-19.

One of the reasons for the in-person requirement is so that a person can get a physical. They can also receive the counseling necessary to make this important decision.

Why try to change a person’s mind? It’s only human life.

Democratic lawmakers have called on Janet Woodstock, the acting FDA Commissioner, to eliminate the in-person dispensing requirement, calling it “medically unnecessary.” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is one of the lawmakers within this group.

AOC has cited that the FDA has suspended the in-person requirement for plenty of other drugs. What she and the other liberals don’t seem to understand is that the other drugs weren’t ending a human’s life.

That seems to be the real problem. The Democrats don’t see abortion as taking a life. A woman has the ability to end the life of a human that already has a heartbeat. With just one pill, that life ends. Meanwhile, there are countless families who would love to adopt. In 99 percent of instances, there’s no reason for an abortion.

Of course, the liberals want to make it an issue of race. The imposed requirement of visiting a clinic in person has a disproportionately negative impact on communities of color, according to the group.

How about educating the various communities? Do they know how babies are made?

There is no claim that the women have been raped or that the baby will place the women under any kind of health compromise. It is simply that the women do not wish to be pregnant.

That isn’t a sufficient excuse to warrant the FDA changing their regulations. The regulations are there for a reason – it’s critical for the woman to understand what the pill does. It also ensures that the woman is not further along than she believes.

There’s plenty of ways to prevent pregnancy – birth control and abstinence are all options. To say that the requirement to visit clinics in-person impacts communities of color more so than other communities would be to say that communities of color don’t understand how pregnancy works.

Perhaps the group would be better off providing an educational campaign to the communities of color. It appears that may be the best solution.

The liberals want to give everyone a free pass for ignorance. No life should be ended because someone “forgot” to use a condom or simply didn’t want to practice abstinence.

Each and every day, people are forced to go into clinics to have health conditions addressed. There’s no magic way to avoid getting sufficient healthcare simply because of the pandemic.

The FDA regulations should stay. If you get pregnant and you wish to end human life, the very least you can do is visit a clinic to get the pill.