PA Governor Defends Rioting and Looting of More Than 30 Stores, Injuring Police and Reporters

The “mostly peaceful” protests have reared their ugly head once again. This time the city of Brotherly Love was attacked. Police were forced to shoot an armed black man who charged at them with a knife.

The city’s leftists took to the streets before they even had a chance to know what had really happened. The Black Lives Matter protesters believe that the police murdered him in cold blood.

The far-left never waits to learn more about the facts. They attack first and ask questions later. These are the same folks who believe that the police forces need to be stripped of their funding.

Meanwhile, they do everything in their power to remind these cities as to why this funding is highly necessary. The irony is thick, we could choke on it.

A female police officer was mowed down by a truck. Another office was injured during the riots. The same people who are worried about how the taxpayers’ money is spent are now causing expensive injuries.

Again, the irony is thick. The city was taken over completely by the rioters. We can’t begin to imagine how terrifying this was for the residents of Philadelphia.

No one ever stops to think of the amount of horror that they create for the rest of these cities. They assume that everyone is on their side when the opposite is usually true.

Even people who are supportive of this cause in theory are not going to be as enamored with the execution. No one wants to see their city streets turned into a war zone.

Democrat Governor Tom Wolf was not willing to offer a strong condemnation of the rioters, either. The Democrat leaders in these cities use the riots as their chance to do some good old fashioned virtue signaling. The business owners of Philadelphia obviously do not agree with the governor’s assessment of these protests being peaceful.

Over 30 businesses were destroyed during the madness. Reporters who tried to document the destruction were attacked as well. The rioters completely took the streets over. How this governor could possibly side with the protesters is beyond our comprehension.

“BREAKING: Pennsylvania Democrat Governor Wolf calls Philadelphia riots a ‘peaceful protest.’ 12 police officers were hospitalized including one run over in a truck attack,” said Jack Posobiec.

He summed it better than we ever could. The governor has absolutely lost his mind. This should serve as a lesson to the voters of these liberal cites.

When you allow your fate to be determined by someone who cares more about leftist votes than keeping the people safe, this is exactly what you are going to get.

Anyone who continues to vote for these sorts of governors is going to get exactly what they deserve. They are creating an environment that allows these protesters to run the streets without experiencing any sort of comeuppance. We are sure that the governors will change their tune and pander to conservatives when it is time to get voted back into power, though.

That’s when they will start breaking out all of the guilty liberal catchphrases. Privilege will be acknowledged. Nuance and shades of grey are going to be discussed. We have heard all of this before and we are more than sure that we will be hearing it again. Anyone who thinks otherwise is in for the rudest of awakenings once the next round of elections arrives.

These charlatans seem to think that they can speak out of both sides of their mouths. It may impress the leftists who are looking for someone to provide them with a pat on their back for their temper tantrums.

Those of us who are more supportive of law and order are not as easy to fool in these instances. We want to see results and we want to see them immediately. All of this dithering and dawdling is not helping anyone at the moment.