One Texas School Goes off Deep End and Requires Masks for All Viral Infections

Joe Biden has declared war on America. He has worked overtime to remove all the safeguards that Donald Trump left in place to keep the country safe from the ones that would destroy it from the inside out. And yet, with all of his efforts to terrorize people and keep them locked up, he still cannot subdue the greatness that makes the country special.

The Democratic Party supports the harmful idea of Transgendering and letting men compete against women in sports. He wants to let them use their bathrooms to prey upon the opposite sex and hurt any person that they can.

And when it comes to the racial divide, the liberals are quick to find ways of keeping America segregated and its people fighting amongst themselves. But one of the most harmful issues that Americans face at Biden’s hand is the mask issue.

The facial diaper is required by liberals everywhere because they claim that unvaccinated people will spread the deadly COVID virus to them. And if that was not concerning enough, Biden now tells people that vaccinated people must mask up to keep from spreading the new and improved coronavirus. It is a story that has no end.

A short time ago, people all over the country accepted that they would catch a cold at some point during the year. They would never have thought that an old man would insist that every person wear a diaper over their head.

Liberal school districts jumped on the idea and spread the notion that kids need to social distance and keep their faces covered. All were based on the fear that some kid would infect a teacher, and that would be the end of the modern classroom.

The battle continues, and one school wants to force kids to wear masks all day and all year long, no matter what sickness may be circulating the air. Liberals are fearful of everything that they cannot see or understand. They are a type of people who must be in control at all times or make life miserable for everyone else.

Greg Abbott is the Republican governor that signed a bill that forbids any school district from mandating masks. But there are a few districts that are defying the executive order that forbids mandating masks on people.

Abbott’s order is known as executive order 36. It states that “No governmental entity, including a county, city, school district, and public health authority, and no government official may require any person to wear a face-covering or to mandate that another person wear a face-covering….”

The option to wear a mask is left up to parents and students. Teachers are given a choice. But the liberals want to take all that away by defying Abbott’s order and forcing everyone to mask up.

The battle over-breathing free reached the Texas Supreme Court. The judges decided to side with Abbott. It was then that the Paris Independent School District decided to defy the court’s orders and require masking as part of the dress code for the school year.

The district released a statement that read in part that “The Board of Trustees is concerned about the health and safety of its students and employees. The Board believes the dress code can be used to mitigate communicable health issues, and therefore has amended the PISD dress code to protect our students and employees.”

Some many students and teachers are less than thrilled to have to breathe through facial diapers. The school district maintains that the governor cannot tell them what to do.

In defiance, they also stated that “Nothing in the governor’s Executive Order 38 states he has suspended Chapter 11 of the Texas Education Code, and therefore the board has elected to amend its dress code consistent with statutory authority.”

All around the country, these battles are raging. But this is precisely what Biden wants to see. He wants a divided nation, and the mask is his weapon of choice. As long as people fight internally, they will never focus on the other things he seeks to mess around with.