One Person Gets Sick in White House and Reporter Goes Crazy

The day turns bright when a maniac reporter says something foolish and makes up their own facts to write a story. Raquel Krahenbuhl is the reporter with the Globo News that started the flood of typical liberal bad reporting tactics.

It was reported that there was a possible COVID-19 case in the White House, so all of the reporters would have to be tested. As usual, the nasty media blew it all out of proportion making claims that were as wild as their drunken parties the night before.

The reporters demanded to know the facts and drama that surrounded the person. By Kayleigh McEnany refused to talk about it because it is none of the media’s business.

She was not about to let them smear the person for the sake of taking a jab at President Trump. People get sick all of the time. The only reason they wanted to know the details is so they could politicize it against the president.

The president stated when he was asked about it, “I heard about it this morning. At a very small level. … Last night I heard about it for the first time. And it’s a small number of cases. Maybe it’s not even cases.”

The president treats his staff like family. He protects them from the onslaught of the media and the soul-sucking Democrats.

McEnany came backswing and stated that “It did not affect the event, and the press was not around the individual. It’s not anybody that was near me. … It was one person. Not a person that I was associated with.” The liberals just need a name so they can destroy the person and the president’s image.

Even though the president and McEnany had only vague knowledge of such infection, the media started telling stories that the infection was positive and that people are going to be on lockdown that attended the UAE-Israel-Bahrain summit.

There was no indication that the test was even positive.  Gordon Lubold pulled a fake fact out of his pocket and passed it off as something that was true.

It is typical of liberal reporters to read into things that are not true and make up stories about people that they have never interviewed.

All of the so-called facts that Lubold has are based on secondhand information. There is no first-hand evidence to them at all. Lubold is a terrible reporter that should be writing fiction instead of news reports.

The media is acting like the entire White House staff is infected and is going to die. There is no way the media can confirm anything about how the person caught the virus because, by the time they track the other person down, they would have gotten over the virus. They might not even have known they had it in the first place. Lubold’s story is speculative at best.

Lubold cannot be trusted as an accurate reporter anytime soon. Once a writer makes claims without sources to confirm events or facts, they are branded as conspiracy theorists and thrown to the wolves. The liberal support and paid reporters are the secret agents that are helping the Democrats with their efforts to overthrow the country.

They report on fake events with the hopes of causing panic and pandemic style looting. Every level-headed American needs to step up and realize that the media is lying to the American people. Their stories are full of liberal propaganda and cannot be considered reliable news sources any longer.

The media represents only one side of the political landscape. They are pro-Democrat and anti-Republican. Lubold did his cynical best to play down the importance of the peace deal that is now signed and ready to implement.

Liberals cannot stand peace in the Middle East. They would love to see Israel wiped out in an all-out war with their enemies. But President Trump is pro-Israel and promotes peace. Israel’s enemies to attack them would only mean the United States would step in and stop the nasty treatment that they get at the hands of the liberals and Islamic forces around them.