Oklahoma! Where Abortions Stopped Sweeping Down the Plain


The wavin’ wheat, it sure smells sweet; when the babies stop dropping like the rain! Yes, you heard it right, Oklahoma is one signature from doing the right thing and banning abortions. With only Governor Kevin Stitt to go, this bill is doing what the left has forbidden the country from doing for years. The kind of stones they show with this bill is nearly unprecedented.

With a 70-14 vote, the Republican-controlled House passed the bill and immediately began preparations to send it to the Governor’s desk for his signature. Given the multiple anti-abortion bills that have reached the House this year, there was bound to be one that would make it through successfully.

This bill passed through the Senate last year and only allows an exception for abortion to save the life of the mother. Under this bill doctor’s caught performing abortions would be slapped with a 10-year jail sentence and a $100,000 fine. The idea here is to punish the doctor and not the woman.

In years past these kinds of bills would fail before becoming law. If they did pass, they faced challenges in court where they had numerous courts that would block them from going into full effect. Given the allowance of the new restrictions on abortions in Texas, the higher courts will certainly allow other conservative states to follow suit. Granted Texas goes into a whole other land of action.

Texas is also offering a $10,000 bounty for turning in providers or anyone helping the patient in obtaining an abortion. This kind of program puts people in a very awkward position, as that’s a solid offer to turn someone in. However, the law is clear, and it exists for a reason. With the requirement that they must bring a successful lawsuit against the person, it sounds like a provision that will not be exercised very often. Oklahoma and other states are considering similar steps going forward.

Emily Wales, interim president, and CEO of Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes spoke out considering the bill’s passage. “These legislators have continued their relentless attacks on our freedoms. These restrictions are not about improving the safety of the work that we do. They are about shaming and stigmatizing people who need and deserve abortion access.” While she tries to make an argument, it holds no water.

She is right, they aren’t about improving the safety of the work they do. It is about undoing the damage they are doing to these poor women and even poorer babies. They are guaranteed freedoms under the Constitution and those freedoms include life and the pursuit of happiness. They aren’t getting a life if abortions are continuing. They aren’t going to be capable of pursuing happiness without a life either.

This latest bill is another step toward preserving the morality of this great land. Something that the left has been pushing out with their progressive politics. Their ideas of doing something just because you can are over. The American people have proven that they won’t stand for it anymore. Especially in the great states of Texas and Oklahoma.

These mid-land states are the heartbeat of the nation, and much like the heart of a fetus in their states, they won’t stop beating to keep the country going. They drive our land through agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, and fossil fuels just to name a few. Contributions like these need new workers, innovators, and managers. If abortions were still allowed who knows what kind of great leaders they could be killing?