Oakland’s Mayor Finally Catches on That Defunding the Police Was a Bad Idea

Motortion Films/shutterstock.com

“Defund the police” was a liberal cry that caught on after the death of George Floyd in 2020. Even as the Floyd family was outspoken about how they didn’t want to see such protests, the liberals did it anyway. Some cities even went as far as cutting significant amounts of the police budgets.

As a result, police officers were let go. Others simply walked off the job because they felt they weren’t appreciated anymore. They didn’t want to serve and protect a community that didn’t want them.

It was easy to predict what would happen – and it happened. Crime rates rose. Criminals felt as though they were untouchable. And even where police were still fully funded, corrupt district attorneys let the criminals out to commit more crimes. It made the police have to work twice as hard to keep the streets safe.

In Oakland, California, Mayor Libby Schaaf has seen violent crime spike since the summer of 2020. Prior to that time, Oakland had actually made headlines because of cutting their gun violence and even sustaining those rates.

In an interview with POLITICO, Schaaf admitted that “When we say this surge come up during the pandemic, and let’s also be honest, after George Floyd, after this country just saw its faith in government justice compromised, we were just heartbroken.”

The murder rate across the country rose by 30 percent in 2020 – and 2021 marked one of the deadliest years in Oakland.

Schaaf talked about how investments were being made in behavioral health, public health, and housing – and is convinced that those will all work to drive crime rates down. One thing you didn’t hear from the liberal mayor, however, was a cry to defund the police. It was clear that she was distancing herself from the liberal rhetoric.

She has admitted that the “defund the police” movement actually went too far. When she listens to the communities impacted the most by gun violence, she hears one particular message loud and clear: the people actually want justice. And in order for justice to be served, the police have to receive support, both financially and from their community.

Hopefully, other liberal leaders are coming to realize this same thing.