NYT Editorial Board Admits They Are So Obsessed With Donald Trump That Their Calendar Never Left January 6th.

Evan El-Amin/shutterstock.com
Evan El-Amin/shutterstock.com

When people go through something never, or rarely before seen it is often referred to by a singular date. A date often has a nickname, but neither the date nor the nickname will convey the weight of everything that caused that date to happen. 9-11, Pearl Harbor, and now January 6th is one of those dates.

The New York Times editorial board is one of the driving forces behind ensuring that date is never forgotten. For some of their staff, their calendars never changed from that date. They found themselves trapped there. As the board writes in an op-ed “One year after the smoke and broken glass, the mock gallows, and the very real bloodshed of that awful day, it is tempting to look back and imagine that we can, in fact, simply look back. To imagine that what happened on Jan. 6, 2021 — a deadly riot at the seat of the American government, incited by a defeated president amid a last-ditch effort to thwart the transfer of power to his successor — was horrifying but that it is in the past and that we as a nation have moved on.”

Never mind it was the guards who opened the doors to let them in. It was Ashli Babbit who was gunned down by the police while reaching through a door that accounted for the bloodshed that day. While people were initially reported as dead by trampling, there were overdose deaths to account for there, as well as stroke and heart attacks. All things brought on. By increased physical activity and stress.

It’s also possible the NYT editorial board might also be talking about the security guards who committed suicide over this day as well. They claim that the committee designated to investigate this is being held up by people who refuse to cooperate but have ‘first-hand knowledge’ about the events of Jan. 6th. While this is not something you like to see, the founding fathers planned for this and even encouraged people to do; hence the creation of the fifth amendment. Or has the NYT forgotten all about that?

The people who were there that day were there to protest for change and accountability. Push them back, they charge forward. It’s a delicate balance to hold, and one the Capital police failed to hold. One that if you listen to the Democrats was hell on earth even if they were blocks or miles away. For the NYT reporters who were embedded in the crowd, it was a date that they have refused to move past. Everything they do now hinges on their ability to get ‘revenge’ or to correct what they perceive as wrongdoings that date.

However, the NYT does see some light at the end of their jaded tunnel. “This is where looking forward comes in. Over the past year, Republican lawmakers in 41 states have been trying to advance the goals of the Jan. 6 rioters — not by breaking laws but by making them. Hundreds of bills have been proposed and nearly three dozen laws have been passed that empower state legislatures to sabotage their own elections and overturn the will of their voters, according to a running tally by a nonpartisan consortium of pro-democracy organizations… Many of these laws are being proposed and passed in crucial battleground states like Arizona, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. In the aftermath of the 2020 election, the Trump campaign targeted voting results in all these states, suing for recounts or trying to intimidate officials into finding “missing” votes. The effort failed, thanks primarily to the professionalism and integrity of election officials. Many of those officials have since been stripped of their power or pushed out of office and replaced by people who openly say the last election was fraudulent.” At least they can say they see that the future is changing; it won’t be so bright for the left.