NYC’s Mayor Cries for Federal Funding While Spitting at the Federal Government

Bill De Blasio is doing what he does best – throwing a temper tantrum when things don’t go his way. Rather than taking ownership of the crime wave, he wants to cry and complain about not having sufficient money.

The lack of federal stimulus money, apparently, is the reason why the crime wave is so significant across New York City. It couldn’t possibly be due to the many protests and the mayor’s inability to squash the riots. It also couldn’t be as a result of the Dems wanting to slash police budgets.

Nope, let’s blame the federal government.

Bill DeBlasio spends most of his time spitting in the face of Trump. Now, when his city is experiencing 177% more crime than usual, he wants federal support. But, not just any kind of federal support. He doesn’t want the Department of Homeland Security to come in and reduce the crime. Instead, he wants money.

During an interview with CNN, he says, “Let’s be clear, the help we need is to make sure we can keep all of our public services – we’re talking about safety, health, education – they’re all on the line now if we do not get federal support soon.”

It’s funny that he’s ready to ask for federal help now…now that he’s already watched the city be destroyed for months without stepping in.

So, does he want money for the whole country or just his city? Is he not aware that his fellow Dems are the ones holding up the next coronavirus relief package on Capitol Hill?

The GOP already created a plan – but the Dems want to spend money they don’t have. Perhaps if DeBlasio listened – and used the money that the city was given in round one – he wouldn’t have the problem that he has now.

Well, he’s not exactly helping himself. He’s concerned about not having money and laying off as many as 22,000 city employees across every department if he doesn’t get funding by October 1.

Yet, tourism, one of the city’s biggest sources of revenue, has essentially been stopped. He’s even issued quarantine stations to limit people from entering the city. Meanwhile, other cities are up and running because of opening the economy back up.

Orlando has allowed Disney to open. They’ve got their money and people are using social distancing and masks to avoid spreading the virus.

But, DeBlasio wants to continue to cry and pout. He and AOC are made for each other, blaming the crime on everything other than their ineffective leadership.

The murders are high. 244 murders took place in July. How does murder coincide with not having enough money? Well, you have to be a Democrat to understand the impossible logic of the situation.

AOC would say that it’s because people are murdering each other to get a loaf of bread as food for the family. However, it’s because of the civil unrest. They have allowed Antifa and Black Lives Matter to rule their city. They’re allowing the demands of the few to speak for the Silent Majority.

Even if the federal government does sign a stimulus and even if they do get the money, the murders aren’t going to stop. There’s not enough money in the world to make up for the poor leadership that New York City is under for as long as Bill De Blasio sits in the mayor’s seat.

DeBlasio has spent the entire four years of Trump’s presidency complaining. Now, all of a sudden, he wants Trump to do something. To help the Big Apple. Well, it may be a little too late for that, Mr. Mayor.

So, it’s time for the mayor to face the facts. Until he puts a stop to the violent protests, the murders are going to continue. The crime rate will skyrocket. And the Democratic mayor will be standing there trying to figure out how it all went so wrong.