NYC Starts To Torch Voting Rights; Passes Bill Granting Illegals Ability to Vote


New York City has long been on the odd side of things. They get rid of things many of us love and embrace much of what many disagree with. The diversity and uniqueness of the city are what attract so many to come there in the first place. Now NYC is prepping to do something that should be making bigger headlines but is largely quiet with the decision to allow illegals to vote.

From Newsmax “Noncitizens in New York City would gain the right to vote in municipal elections under a measure approved Thursday by the City Council that would give access to the ballot box to 800,000 green card holders and so-called Dreamers… Noncitizens still wouldn’t be able to vote for president or members of Congress in federal races, or in the state elections that pick the governor, judges, and legislators.”

While NYC is not the first place to do this (11 towns in Maryland and two in Vermont), they are certainly the largest to allow such a thing. While many trumpet this as a landmark victory, it also leaves the door open to a lot of legal challenges. Especially since this is known to open the door to a lot more voter fraud and other issues.

We all know the Democrats love immigrants and especially love the illegal immigrants. The programs for free money, housing, and other incentives have made many votes for the Democrats. For those just coming here, that’s just free votes by pandering to them, and it only costs them pennies on the dollar to advocate for, and the true cost is passed on to the actual taxpayer. As these programs continue, they generate more and more generations of Democrat voters.

Lauric Cumbo knew they would be problems with this idea “The bill we’re doing today will have national repercussions,” and boy is she right. It will push even more cities to allow for this type of voting and to increase the Democrats’ foothold in the country. The biggest problem here is that NYC has put the American people in a bind.

If Republicans support this idea then they aren’t concerned about border security or keeping America safe. Yet, should the Republicans try to sue and go against this (which will happen) then they look like racists as this will be turned into a racial issue and not a legal issue; just like it always does. It’s a no-win situation. Ironically enough, Cumbo has come out and expressed concern about this measure as she believes it could also dilute the African-American voice.

These ideas of doing stupid things to advance the parry need to end. This has been going on for decades, and the left and their progressive politics keep showing people the pretty fake side of their agenda and leaving out the 99.87% ugly side that plagues these ideas. The problem is by the time the ugly truth shows up, it’s too late and the damage has been done. In turn, we are all left holding the bag, and this idea is one that is horrible. As per the usual, everything is about the division they can sew between the people and there will be a heavy amount going on here. Then again, that is the main goal of the left; keeping the people from uniting at all costs. Meanwhile professing that they just want unity.