North Korean Dictator Betrays His Country and Invites More Sanctions Because of Nuclear Testing

Torsten Pursche/

Kim Jong Un is a brainwashed dictator that has been duped into believing his arrogance. The little rocket man has tested its latest version of the intercontinental ballistic missile, which has prompted him to become more arrogant and bold in his quest for power. The man’s quest for power has led him to believe that he is unstoppable and is promising to continue his exploits of nuclear weapons until he has what he wants.

Kim Jong Un is ready for more sanctions. He could care less about what happens to his country as long as he gets his weapons. The sanctions being called for are supposed to be more challenging than what is currently in place. But Joe Biden is not a man that can use force because he is afraid of upsetting his socialist comrades.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield is the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. She calls on the United Nations to impose more sanctions on the North Korean dictator. Biden cannot bring himself to impose more significant sanctions because he is too weak to stand up for peace and freedom.

North Korea has been under sanctions for over a decade. Stronger sanctions will not make a bit of difference to a man who is determined to create nuclear weapons at all costs. The stranglehold that he has over the people of North Korea is by the throat. They dare not speak out against him lest they pay a terrible price. Such fear is indicative of communist nations. And that is precisely what Biden wants to see in America.

Biden is scared to impose sanctions himself. He was scared of China and Russia ever since they wanted to lift the sanctions from the communist neighbor. They want to let the small nation rise to nuclear status so they can hide behind them and fuel controversy without having to answer for any of the criminal actions that would be committed.

Russia blames the United States for the current level of development of North Korea. Anna Evistigneeva is the Russian Deputy Ambassador. She and Zhang Jun from China stated that the United States should have done more several years ago to stop the missile program. But that is a convenient agreement given that the Russian people support North Korea and their quest for arms.

The North Korean media made a spectacle out of the missile tests in a typical fashion. The media showed the weapons being brought out on display. They wanted the world to know that the sanctions would not stop them from testing their weapons. They wanted to tell the world that they finally had a delivery system to bring death to the world.

Newsbreak reported that “The Hwasong-17, which was fired at a high angle to avoid the territorial waters of neighbors, reached a maximum altitude of 6,248 kilometers (3,880 miles) and traveled 1,090 kilometers (680 miles) during a 67-minute flight before landing in waters between North Korea and Japan, Pyongyang’s official Korean Central News Agency said.”

The smaller nations around North Korea are nervous. They do not want the dictator to have such power at his disposal. The next thing Kim Jong Un would do is look for a way to bully people into giving him what he wants. And there is nothing like a nuclear threat to force people into submission.

Joe Biden’s lack of strength has put the world in the crosshairs. The world’s evil rulers see their opportunity to strike because the deterrent to evil is weaker than it ever has been before. Joe Biden does not have the strength that Donald Trump does at fighting back against the powers that would seek to destroy freedom.

The only thing Biden is good for is making pointless comments. He had his ambassador to the United Nations call for more sanctions on North Korea. But with China and Russia pushing back, the likelihood of solid measures seems to be a Biden fantasy.