North Korea Decides to Test Bigger Weapons…Where Does It End?

Alexander Khitrov/

North Korea has proven that they have some impressive weapons. Kim Jong Un has been stomping his feet like a child looking for more attention. And the way he’s tried to get that attention is by “testing” some of his missiles.

The short-range missiles that he’s launched so far this year have gotten him a few hostile looks from Japan, South Korea, and even the U.S. But, no one has dared to threaten the leader yet. And, no one wants to try to negotiate with him because they know that he’s going to ask for things that he doesn’t deserve.

Since the short-range missiles haven’t gotten Kim the attention that he’s dying for, he’s decided to test out a few bigger weapons. It’s been harmless – so far. The real question is whether it’s going to continue to be harmless. At what point do the global leaders need to sit down with him and give him the spanking that he deserves?

Both the South Korean and Japanese militaries explain North Korea’s latest “test” to be a long-range missile that traveled 497 miles and reached an altitude of 1242 miles. The trajectory was the sea, and it appeared to avoid the territory of any neighbors.

Although the ballistic missile didn’t cause any damage, it’s still the most impressive weapon that has been launched by North Korea since Biden took office.

This test took place on Sunday, and it marks the seventh test for the month of January – quite an impressive number considering that there’s never been such a fast pace in the past.

This is all indicative that Kim is looking to put some pressure on Biden. The negotiations to discuss nuclear activity has been stalled for a while since the pandemic has taken priority. However, Kim doesn’t want the focus to be on COVID – so it seems he’ll launch as many missiles as it takes until the U.S. decides that North Korea needs to be the top focus.

Nobuo Kishi, the Japanese Defense Minister, was quick to tell reporters that this was the longest-range missile launched since Kim tested the Hwasong-15 ICBM back in late 2017.

A missile expert and honorary research fellow at the Science and Technology Policy Institute in South Korea, Lee Choon Geun, suggests that Kim has already broken the moratorium regarding missile testing.

Kim believes that there’s a lot of hostility coming from the U.S., particularly as it pertains to sanctions. This is Kim’s way of trying to negotiate while only getting what he wants – he’ll stop testing missiles if the U.S. lifts their sanctions. Of course, Biden would have to be out of his mind to do such a thing.

Moon explained that the latest launch is in violation of the U.S. Security Council resolutions and, further, it was a “challenge toward the international community’s efforts to denuclearize the Korean peninsula, stabilize peace and find a diplomatic solution.” Moon also said that North Korea needs to stop with such displays as it only creates further tension and pressure.

It is suggested that North Korea will halt its testing out of respect for China, at least for as long as the Beijing Olympics will take place.

While it’s a break, it’s not going to be the end of what North Korea has planned. We have to remember that Kim announced a five-year plan for developing weapons last year, which included not only solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missiles but also hypersonic weapons and spy satellites.

The question that remains is what the U.S. and the rest of the UN nations are going to do about Kim as he works to test more and more things for attention.