No Internal Support for Newsom as Outside Funding Is Found Pouring Into State

The Democrats living in California are extremely worried that their beloved Gavin Newsom is going to be beaten to death in the recall election that is now in full swing. Republicans all over the state are sick and tired of his illegal actions and lack of care for the people residing in California.

The Democratic Party of the state got on the zoom streaming of their convention with one purpose in mind. They needed to find a way to stop the recall of Gavin Newsom.

One reported noted that “The Newsom cheerleading was loudest during the headline speeches on Saturday. It was a lineup designed to remind Democrats of the people and constituencies who have the governor’s back. There were national party leaders including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Kamala Harris, both Californians and progressive heroes like Sunrise Movement Executive Director Varshini Prakash and U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee of Oakland.”

The powerful Democrats wanted people to know that Newsom was in good hands. Except there is not a thing that they can do to stop the recall effort. The people have gathered more than enough signatures to force a recall. And now that the vote is set to take place, several contenders are coming forward to knock Newsom out of office.

Millions of people want to see Newsom removed from office. He has clearly shown that he does not have what it takes to lead California into a great future. He has worked hard instead to revert the state to a period of dark ages.

Under Newsom’s leadership, thousands of people died in the nursing homes and ended upending their lives because they could not cope with being locked up like animals because of the COVID-19 virus. The Democrats will never discuss this severe issue because they do not want to take responsibility for their failed measures over the past 18 months.

Newsom continues to resist the flow and has marked the recall effort as a conservative campaign to push him out of office. He is ignoring the truth that millions of people want him gone because he is destroying the once-great state of California.

The liberal governor stated that “With the help of the Biden-Harris administration, California is poised to put our fight against inequality into overdrive. National Republicans and extreme right-wingers, they’re not sitting back, they’re throwing everything they can at their recall power grab all in hopes — all in hopes — of rolling back all the important progress we have made together. We can’t let them win.”

He sees this effort as some kind of political game. He is missing the fact that the will of the people is being declared. Newsom is not wanted in office any longer. He is a danger to the growth and well-being of people living on the west coast.

One report noted that a significant failure plaguing the governor is how he has handled the vaccine distribution. He allowed CVS to be a distributor of the drug, and it was discovered that they wasted the drug and ended up allowing them to be tossed out in the process.

CVS and other favored companies contribute to Newsom’s effort to win because he has allowed them to be the recipients of funding from the state because of the virus.

Several companies, just like CVS, are donating to the Liberal government’s effort to stay alive because it benefits them financially. If it were not for the money that Newsom bribes people with, he would have zero support from voters.

The liberal governor is the single force that is forcing people to move out of the state and businesses to leave for greener pastures. In a short amount of time, he has wrecked the lives of millions of people and has allowed the cost of living to explode. So much so that the middle class is having a horrible time living in the state and paying for the needed services to live in California. Newsom’s days are marked, and no force can save him from losing in the recall election.