Nikki Haley Blasts the Biden Administration for Critical Mistakes with Russia… ‘Making a Deal with the Devil’

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Nikki Haley, the former United States Ambassador to the United Nations, just unloaded on the Biden Administration for some critical mistakes they are making with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Haley appeared this weekend on “Meet the Press” and spoke with moderator Chris Todd. She focused on the United States continuing to buy oil from Russia and said that America is “essentially making a deal with the devil.”

Chuck Todd asked Haley if she believed that the war in Ukraine would ever end as long as Russian President Vladimir Putin stayed in control of his nation.  

Haley said that the Russian president would drag the war out as long as possible. She said that Putin was an “evil tyrant” who would not consider stopping until he was in control of the former Soviet Empire. 

What we have learned in the lesson in all of this is, when tyrants speak, we should listen. He said he would take Ukraine, he is. China said they would take Hong Kong, they did. He said he would take Poland and the Baltics, we should listen to that. Iran said they would destroy Israel. Every time a tyrant speaks, we need to remember they told us, we need to listen,” Haley said.

Todd touched on some controversy when he asked Haley if she would be in favor of the United States helping to implement a no-fly zone over Ukraine. This is a plan that Ukrainian officials have asked for over and over again. NATO officials have warned that if this were to happen, a much greater war with Russia would happen, some have even referred to World War III. 

Haley said that she was not in favor of a no-fly zone right now. But she is in favor of the Biden Administration doing more. She maintained that sanctions have to be focused on the energy sector if they are going to have an impact that will affect Putin. 

We know the one thing that punches Putin in the gut is to hit his energy sector. There is no reason we should be taking money from an enemy. We should go ahead and sanction all those energy companies right now,” Haley said.

The former Ambassador to the United Nations said that we should also be moving forward by giving Ukraine the missiles that they need. Haley talked about making sure Ukraine has javelins, stinger missiles, and anti-tank tools. She said we are way too late in getting them these supplies. Chuck Todd said that we have spent the last 20 years appeasing Putin thinking that he could be counted on to be a fair player in the world order. He asked, “Was that a mistake from the get-go?”

Haley replied that she has always maintained that you cannot trust Russia and you cannot trust Putin. She added that you can’t trust Xi and you can’t trust China. She just called this “common sense.” Haley said that when she was at the United Nations, you just did not negotiate, you never dealt with your enemies. 

Haley said that she was “mortified” at the thought that Biden asked China to help America deal with Russia. She said you just don’t ask one enemy to help you with another enemy. Haley said that she never said anything to China that she didn’t want Russia to know because they will coordinate. 

She went further and addressed the fact that we are possibly getting back to Iran to deal with the Russians and the Chinese back at the table. 

Chuck Todd tried to pin Haley down by talking about things that former President Donald Trump did with Putin. He asked her if the former administration sent a message to Putin that the West was divided. 

Haley said that all she knew was what happened under the previous administration. She said that she was there in the United Nations when Trump got out of the Iran deal and he expelled diplomats and when he refused the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. She said that Trump made stronger moves against Russia than the Democratic or Republican presidents before he did. 

Haley said that Putin knew not to mess with the United States under Trump.