NIH Director “Can’t Exclude” Wuhan Institute Let COVID Virus Loose


Tuesday on the broadcast of Fox News’s “Your World” the soon departing National Institute of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins discussed the origins of COVID-19. A topic we have been discussing since COVID was first acknowledged in the USA back in early 2020.

Given the location, timing (roughly a year before the 2020 Presidential Election), and way this virus was spread, the implication of Chinese government involvement has been largely speculated, and most evidence points to at least some collusion between their government and the Wuhan Institute.


When asked about the virus Dr. Collins had this to say. “I think, most likely, this was a natural origin, starting in a bat, maybe traveling through an intermediate host. I can’t rule out the possibility that, secretly, the Wuhan Institute got that virus and was studying it and had a lab accident and it got loose. I have no evidence at all to support that. But I can’t exclude it. I wish the Chinese would come clean and reveal their lab records and hospital records of people who got sick in November 2019, just put this in a place where we actually have the information. They don’t seem willing to do that.”


How is this not damning? Where is the outrage and condemnation of the Chinese for leaving this data unshared? Where is the global investigation? Nowhere to be seen is exactly where it is. Bringing people to justice and allowing the world to find a cure is not high on their list. Instead, they prioritize pushing a vaccine they cannot even say is truly safe (much less guarantee that it works) and slowly choke people out with these mask mandates. Thus, doing more harm to people by weakening immune systems, and encouraging staying locked inside to keep safe.


Dr. Collins has served for quite some time, and while his record has been impressive, it is this pandemic that the world will remember him for. This pandemic that changed the entire global landscape will be the first thing that comes up when someone looks him up. All they will see are excuses and failures. Much like this administration, Dr. Collins has no backbone to push for the lab records. He has no drive to make the change and to see the world cleaned up. Instead, he has transformed from a man into yet another pawn for the ‘woke tribe’ to push their agenda and implement socialism in the coming months.


This pandemic has been a liberal’s wet dream. It took away the stigma for wearing hoodies, coving your face, wearing gloves in the store, and gave way to persecuting people for disagreeing with their views. It sets all the traps for socialism to move in and take over. People needed money when their jobs got set aside? Government checks. People needed to be safe at work? Quickly whip up a ‘vaccine’, give it emergency approval (with minimal testing if any), and make it mandatory. With no idea what the long-term effects would be. This in turn creates a rush of information to the people, well now they can censor this information (and God do they) to keep you from learning the truth. Sounds like socialism, right? Now when you add in the push for vaccine passports and showing your papers everywhere you go, it sounds like Germany circa the 1930s. If this doesn’t concern you, then what does? Because this has the potential to derail the entire American dream and crash it into a tree.