Newsom’s Attempt to Silence Gun Owners Backfires Hard in His Face

Governor Newsom continues to try and root out American freedoms on all levels. His latest attack on the right to bear arms comes under his order that certain firearm magazines are illegal in the state of California. His illegal mandate was challenged by the liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and they sided with the Constitution and ruled that Newsom’s law is wrong.

Judge Kenneth K. Lee wrote that “Our country’s history has shown that communities of color have a particularly compelling interest in exercising their Second Amendment rights. The Second Amendment provides one last line of defense for people of color when the state cannot — or will not — step in to protect them. This remains true today across all communities of color.”

This statement will lay the base for other rulings that will defend the right to own guns and defend oneself from the tyranny of the Democratic Party. The liberals have long sought to limit the number of bullets that could be placed in a magazine. But now they also claim that one bullet in a gun should not be allowed.

Some crazy liberals even want to ban full-capacity assault weapons. They were successful in 1994 when they passed a law that made it illegal for people to own such weapons. They even have tried to limit such guns to a simple 10-round limit. Liberals go through all sorts of jargon to weasel their anti-American beliefs into American laws.

Liberals have a hard time writing content. Even when they are successful in limiting weapon type ownership, they fail to flush out all the angels of the issues, so they leave loopholes. Lee’s statement jumps right on the issue lays the foundation that such methods and forcing people to not read certain literature is illegal meddling in people’s lives.

Lee went on to say that “Without such a clause, law-abiding citizens who legally possessed LCMs [Large Capacity Magazines] before enactment are deprived of the right to use those arms for lawful ends. These law-abiding citizens could have owned LCM for decades, and perhaps even used them for self-defense in the past.”

But under California law, gun-owners were being forced to comply and turn in parts of their weapons. Lee stated that “But none of that matters under California law. They must turn them over – or face a year in jail. Based on the record before us, there is no apparent justification or support for the lack of a grandfather exception.”

When a person buys a certain weapon type they should be allowed to own magazines that hold the various number of bullets. Newsom is somehow fearful that the people will have so many bullets that his socialist army will not be able to put down any rebellion thrown at him because of his controlling ways.

The Democrats know that if they can disarm people to the point that they cannot fight back, then they will be able to force them to do what the liberals tell them to do. Without guns or bullets to shoot back with, the people can be herded into being compliant.

President Trump can claim the victory for the insane gun law being shot down in California. Judge Lee was appointed by the president. He stood for what is right when it comes to giving people their freedoms back. The law that Newsom loved so much was illegal and needed to be struck down by the courts.

Lee is not politically motivated. He is more of a “pro-liberty” judge. These are the types of judges that the president wants to appoint. They are also the judges that will be attacked by the Democrats.

Lee went on to say that “[T]he Second Amendment is not a second-class right. Nor is self-defense a dispensation granted at the state’s mercy. Rather, the Second Amendment is a fundamental constitutional right guaranteed to the people — especially those who may not be equally protected by the state.”

Under Newsom, there are a lot of people that are not protected by the state. Mainly people that believe in American ideals and laws. Newsom and all the other liberals want to remove basic freedoms like owning guns and magazines that hold a lot of bullets. This way they can control people and make them obey when the laws are illegal.