News Flash: New Years is Not Canceled (But Here’s How to Celebrate Safely)

The progressives tried to cancel Thanksgiving and Christmas. Unless they plan on locking Americans into their homes, they’re not able to cancel New Years’. The clock will hit midnight on December 31 and the New Year will happen whether the liberals like it or not.

There’s no way to cancel New Year’s Eve. It’s going to happen. People are desperate to put 2020 behind them. It’s been the year of disappointments.

We’ve dealt with toilet paper shortages, a global pandemic, and the defeat of Donald Trump.

We’ve had enough.

Now, it’s time to celebrate the possibility of hope to see what 2021 can bring us.

There are ways to celebrate without spreading COVID. It’s simply a matter of knowing what needs to be done.

Wear masks. Social distance. Admit when you have COVID symptoms and stay home. Yes, it can really be that simple.

Liberals across the country want to lock you indoors, close all of the businesses, and tell you to wait it out. That’s not realistic – and that’s not going to help anyone. No one wants to be locked inside for days at a time. It’s only going to lead to depression and madness.

California is in full lockdown, yet their numbers are out of control.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of examples of ways that cities and states can allow Americans to have their freedoms while keeping the numbers in check.

Schools have a checklist of symptoms. Read through them. If you don’t have any and none of the people you want to part with have them, then have your New Year’s Eve party. Maybe do air kisses at midnight, though, just to play it a little safe.

Interior spaces are more likely to spread COVID-19, so the better answer is to move the celebrations outside. Too cold? Rent a few space heaters so that you can be smart about your celebrations.

Dancing and singing can lead to spreading the virus thanks to those pesky saliva droplets that might cling in the air. You can dance with your mask on – and singing, well, leave that for the music pumping out of the speakers.

As for the food, there have been scientists to say that there’s no real concern about the food being the reason for an outbreak. That being said, be sure to have food spread out across your venue so that you don’t have guests congregating in one spot. It’s also a good idea to have a few hand sanitizer stations scattered about so that you can lower the risk.

Now, all of this advice is focused on you having some kind of amazing blowout. Check the rules in your city, too – the last thing you want is the neighbors who didn’t get invited reporting you for breaking the rules.

There are plenty of ways for you to celebrate in a lowkey way, too. Stay within your pandemic bubble. Those who have been playing it safe right along with you can be invited – those who haven’t will have to join in via Zoom or FaceTime.

Get your food delivered so that you don’t have to go out to drink. Give everyone their own disposable glass of champagne so you’re not spreading germs by sharing glasses.

Of course, you can also choose to play it extra safe by staying in with your family. Watch the ball drop on TV because, yes, the Times Square ball drop is still going to happen – only virtually. So, you won’t see the big crowds but you can still be a part of the countdown.

It comes down to this. You have to celebrate. You have to ring in the New Year. Now is the time to put all of the doom and gloom of 2020 behind us. Celebrate in the way that you want – but do it safely so that you don’t end up becoming the super spreader event that makes the news.