New York Governor Opens State for Other Medical Workers To Come and Take Over Internal Jobs


Democrats love to look for ways to screw people over. They attack personal freedoms and try to invade private lives by telling people what they can do with themselves. New York’s new liberal governor is Kathy Hochul. She has singlehandedly plunged the state into dark times by taking everyone back months to pandemic lockdown days and pointless regulations.

The overreaction of regulations caused a major financial and job crisis in the state of New York. There are not enough healthcare workers to take care of the everyday tasks and cases of caring for people. And instead of lifting the pandemic bans on things, Hochul made it worse by bringing back the mandates and restrictions. Her cowardly fear has led to people seeking work in other places.

Hochul’s latest push was to order people to get vaccinated. Americans do not like having their freedom stolen by liberals, and they would rather lose their jobs and work in other places than let a Democrat tell them how to care for their health.

Hochul tried to tell everyone that “The only way we can move past this pandemic is to ensure that everyone eligible is vaccinated, and that includes those who are taking care of our vulnerable family members and loved ones.”

He plans calls for everyone to be vaccinated and calls on healthcare workers from around the country to move into New York and work for her majesty’s medical force. She believes that to beat the pandemic; everyone must obey her wishes. But the only way out of the pandemic is to stop living in it and move forward.

Over half of the nation has stepped out of the past and embraced the future. They have returned to work, and things are back to normal. But it can only happen when the leaders stop acting like a deity and do the job they were elected to do.

Her executive order was supposed to help New York residents to get back to normal. But all it will do is rob them of their rightful jobs as she hands them to people living out of state.

She said in her statement that “I am adding even more provisions to take bold action to alleviate potential staffing shortages. To monitor developments on the ground, I am also directing an around-the-clock operations center to assist local partners and troubleshoot staffing issues in real-time.”

The easier path would be to have forgotten about Biden’s vaccine mandate and let people care for their health. She would have found that many people have already had the virus and do not have the vaccine.

The new workers would make COVID testing more available, and it would also provide more locations for people to obtain the vaccine. But there are no long lines at the existing locations. Her order seeks to throw solutions into the wind with the hopes that one of them works.

The Hill reported that Hochul’s executive order had placed New York in a state of emergency. And that was the only way she could fill the voids in the healthcare system she claims exists.

The power-hungry liberal also wants to use the National Guard to facilitate the increase in medical professionals. She makes it sound like the state is a battleground from COVID attacks. But the numbers contradict her reality.

The Democrats continue to push themselves on people, but they are up for a fight. The Thomas More Society has already filed suit against mandates. Forcing healthcare workers to get vaccinated so they can work is what they call “patently unconstitutional.” It is their attempt “to nullify protections for sincere religious beliefs granted under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.”

The evil push by the Democrats to pump the vaccine into as many people as possible is an attempt at control. Every person that gets the shot under liberal threat has bowed to their rule. They fail to understand that some people will not get the shot because some of the vaccines were tested, developed, or produced with cell lines derived from aborted children.” And that is morally unethical. The liberals may not have a problem murdering kids for scientific advancement, but the rest of the country does.