New York and New Jersey Threaten to Destroy Small Businesses Once and for All

Just in New York State and New Jersey alone, over one-quarter of all small business ventures have boarded their windows shut, all as a result of the initial lockdown during the pandemic that continues pushing forward like a steam blowing locomotive.

Small business owners who had sunk their life’s blood into their work were reduced to skeletal remains, stripped of their essential livelihoods as they boarded up windows, unable to survive the cashless crunch. Employees of these businesses who relied on their well-earned weekly checks to sustain their families abruptly found themselves with no source of income at all.

Yet. In spite of the lockdowns disastrous outcome, here we are now. In worse shape because of it. The pandemic is blowing harder than a downtown Chicago wind as it roars through every city, town, and rural route in America. One might have to believe the notion that these businesses gave up the ghost in vain. The lockdown accomplished nothing.

It gets worse. New York actually skated in under the national average of the pandemics’ wrath on small businesses, with 28.9% of closures since the onset of the pandemic. Texas is at 32.5%, and California weighs in at 31.1 percent.

The New Jersey director of the National Federation of Independent Businesses, Eileen Kean, not only said things are “really bad” in the Garden State, but to add further said, “And without federal dollars coming into New Jersey, the Main Street stores and other establishments are not gonna make it through the winter.”

Yet, as difficult as this might be to fathom, and without looking further than the ends of their noses, the governors of both New York and New Jersey are taking a quick ‘look-see’ at repeating what only made matters worse the first time, a second time. Try, try, again, should not apply in this instance, even to meat-headed liberals like these two.

New York Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo has threatened to push the “pause button” for any area within the state that reaches hospital capacity. “We are not going to live through the nightmare of overwhelmed hospitals again,” he said.

An area is still an area and those areas have small businesses that are struggling as it is if they haven’t already waved the white flag. Trying to isolate and section off particular areas will in no way minimize the negative impact these businesses can now only hope to endure. Smoke and mirrors. The preferred ploy of Democrats everywhere.

Cuomo said that new metrics determining lockdown measures are just around the corner from being released. He also indicated they are not going to be pretty and that he anticipates tons of backlash.

“I don’t believe we’ve seen the hit from Thanksgiving,” said the governor, further assuming the caseload “will be dramatic.” So rather than place mandatory health safety guidelines in place, which at this point have been clearly established as opposed to the first time around, Cuomo plans on sticking with the previously failed, but easier route.

Except for this time, rather than crash his entire state at once, he’s going to do it slowly, area by area, so maybe people won’t notice quite as much. To Andrew Cuomo: “We see what you’re doing, bud”

New Jersey Democrat (of course) Gov. Phil Murphy, hasn’t been as open as Cuomo concerning his intent. In one breath he says locking her down would be his very last option, but in the next one, he alludes to how he might be getting ready to pull the trigger.

“I’m not sure I’d say possible, but I think it has to stay on the table,” Murphy said. “You hate like heck to even have to consider that, and God willing we won’t have to.”

“There’s a lot of private transmissions. The weather is cold so folks are doing what they were doing three months ago outside, they’re doing it inside. And that cocktail, when you add to that the holiday season, we’re in for a rough ride here,” Murphy added.

This kind of, sort of, sounds like a guy who has his mind pretty much made up. He’s just waiting for the right time to strike.

Say what you will concerning the befits of locking down versus enforcing safety measures, but one thing is certain, in New York and New Jersey there’s a whole lot of hurting going on. And thanks to these two numbskull liberal governors, there’s about to be a whole lot more.