NBC Sides with Genocidal China Instead of a GOP Politician from Florida


NBC has a chance to show off just how bipartisan they are. As a media group, they should be sitting in the middle. They should be reporting the news the way that it happens. And, they should allow ads on any side of the political fence.

When it comes to a Florida politician running an ad that shows off just how wrong it is for the Olympics to be held in China, NBC can’t handle it. They don’t want China to be shown in a negative light. They’d rather accept the genocide of the Uyghurs in China than let a conservative politician attack the Communist nation.

Considering that NBC is going to defend China rather than a Republican, it shows that they are most certainly not willing to put Americans first. They’d rather let Communism and genocide win – and with that kind of behavior, it’s shocking that NBC is allowed to stay on the air.

Mike Waltz is a Republican congressman from Florida. He tweeted that NBC has refused to air his ad, which is all about ripping into the Chinese Communist Party and how they violate human rights.

It’s not hard to see that China is constantly violating human rights. Anyone in China who is there for the Olympics can tell you – after all, they were given a long list of things they can’t say or do. And the pressure is building on athletes that are used to a lot more freedom than what the CCP is granting.

“NBC refused to air my Olympics ad with @EnesFreedom unless we censor U.S. corporate logos of the Genocide Games sponsors.” He goes on to say that he won’t let NBC silence him or Enes Kanter, the center for the Boston Celtics.

The ad cost Waltz $40,000, and yet, NBC won’t play the ad. He shared the ad via Twitter so that everyone could see what he wanted them to see.

Waltz talks about “rape, genocide, and slave labor” happening in China. He also is quick to point an accusatory finger at the American companies that help to support China. He says that they are “drunk on Chinese dollars.”

Kanter plays his part in the ad, too, calling to “Defund the dictators.”

Someone had to call out the American companies and China for allowing such things. Knowing all of the atrocities that the CCP has been responsible for, it’s disgusting that the greatest athletic showcase would even be held in the country.

And the reason that Kanter is a part of the ad is because of the close connection the NBA has had with China – specifically all of the brands that athletes are being forced to wear (cough, cough, Nike) that have no problem allowing the “made in China” stickers. It allows the CCP to be profitable and athletes are wearing things that were made with slave labor. And the athletic brands don’t have to see the slave labor, but they do get the lower costs so that they can enjoy greater profit margins.

We have to start talking about it. Waltz is showing that he’s okay with having an uncomfortable conversation. Meanwhile, NBC simply wants to ban the ad.

The ad sat just fine on Twitter – and Twitter bans everything. It seems that NBC could be covering up for the CCP – and for that, we all need to be worried.

If NBC wanted to be a truly bipartisan media outlet, they could use the Olympics as the opportunity to talk about the crimes taking place in China. But, that’s not what they’re getting paid for. They’re happy to cover up the atrocities for China because it makes it easier for the liberal politicians to have a nice, symbiotic relationship with them.