Navy Complains of Financial Woes, But Rolls Out Impressive Enlistment Bonus

Bumble Dee/

The Navy, along with other branches of the military, are constantly complaining that they don’t have enough money. Particularly when there’s a Democratic White House, funds always seem a bit low toward the military.

Without enough funds, training suffers. Weaponry advancements suffer. Even base housing and security suffers.

Yet, the Navy seems to be perfectly fine to see all of those things suffer – as long as they have the ability to woo new recruits into the military.

An impressive enlistment bonus is being rolled out by the Navy. Now, those within certain positions can look forward to seeing bonuses of up to $50,000. This is a whopping $10,000 more than what sailors have been able to see over the past few years.

The $40,000 recruitment bonus dates all the way back to 2006. So, some have argued that a bump was absolutely necessary. Still, others believe that the money could be used in other ways so that it benefits more of the entire Navy as opposed to a single individual.

Rear Admiral Dennis Velez, the commander of Navy Recruiting Command, was quick to defend the bump. In a Navy news release, he explained, “We recognize that young Americans today have more employment options and opportunities than ever before, so we are offering these enlistment bonuses to be competitive with the strong civilian labor market.”

Velez went on to explain that the enlistment bonus can also be used to attract more of the “brightest young Americans from all walks of life.”

Essentially, it’s a bribe. Here, come work for the Navy where you can earn an enlistment bonus of $50,000. Pay no mind to the fact that you may lose your life to defend your country.

Velez noted that money shouldn’t be the only reason why someone chooses military service, but he does believe that financial incentive is key to getting talented people to consider the Navy as opposed to many more traditional employers.

The way that Velez defends this $10,000 bump to lure people to the Navy makes it seem as though there aren’t already some great benefits to military service. Anyone who actively serves is given BAH, which is basically a housing allowance. For those who don’t live on base, it’s enough to cover a mortgage – and possibly even some utilities as well. It’s not just BAH, though. There are other benefits, too.

Active members of the military are given access to free medical care, the opportunity to train for various career fields, and so much more. There’s also the GI Bill, which can pay for college while a person is still active or once they have left the military.

Oh, and let’s not forget that those who remain active for 20 years get a pretty sweet retirement. Those who enlist at 18 can retire at 38 and begin receiving retirement benefits immediately. This means that at 38, they can basically have a secondary income while they go take the skills they learned in the military to work somewhere else.

Any kind of enlistment bonus would be a stellar way to attract people to military service, especially when all of the other benefits are listed out clearly. This is simply the Navy looking to lure people in with as much as they can get their hands on.

$50,000 is an impressive bonus for anyone, so they shouldn’t be able to complain that they don’t have the best of the best. What they shouldn’t complain about, though, is how they don’t have any money for anything else.