Nancy Pelosi’s Congressional Nightmare Comes True

Democrats in Washington D.C. have taken heart over the past few years that their one bastion of hope, remains the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives. That lawmaking body has stood up to almost every single Republican project coming from the Senate or the White House.

The one hangup that has been standing in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s way has been the growing roar from the far left branch of her party known as “The Squad.”

These now second-term congressmen consider themselves to be the voice of the under-represented when in reality, most consider them to be the voice of the previously ignored due to lack of reasonability and viability of bringing socialism to the United States.

However, the advent of the outraged woman of color has brought Pelosi a progressive nightmare which she can’t seem to wake from.

All four members of “The Squad,” lead by the seemingly fearless New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, have won reelection in their respective districts, according to CNN.

“Reps. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts — have won reelection …” the network reported, going on to say that “None of the incumbents faced significant challenges in their first reelection bids this year.”

While Omar, Tlaib, and Pressley have been making waves in their own right, none have caused quite the nationwide stir that Ocasio-Cortez has when it comes to pushing American politics toward a system of government with a bleak history of failure across the globe.

Though Ocasio-Cortez and her cohorts on the left are quick to point at President Donald Trump and many in his administration as racist, sexist, and other political correct slurs, the 31-year-old former bartender-turned political superstar from the Bronx New York has advocated for the very system of government adopted by Adolf Hitler – socialism.

The connection between the two has become so strong, in fact, that while it has been traditionally well known that the elected former leader of Germany was a national socialist, there have been publications, such as the left-leaning Vox, that have detracted, saying (since the advent of AOC’s Democratic socialism brand) that the leader of the Third Reich wasn’t really a socialist at all.

So to be clear, the far left wing of the Democratic party, who constantly call the president a Nazi, white supremacist, racist, etc, is pushing for the same system of government that allowed Adolf Hitler is known to have used to rise to irrevocable power, but they say that their brand of socialism is different and that the results will be different, and it’s the Republicans that are the Nazis.

Even though AOC and her merry band of socialists might be living out ever liberal’s dream (make an illogical grab for power and call everyone a racist that disagrees with you) it’s the party leader, Nancy Pelosi, who has to live with the fall-out of their decision.

While New York and Washington D.C. might be ready to embrace socialism, those more closely tied to industry and GDP are still kicking against the socialist/communist pricks and causing a big PR problem for the DNC.

The seemingly endless two years that AOC and her compatriots have been making news for Democrats have been nothing but a headache for Pelosi, who has had to do numerous appearances on the mainstream media to do damage control for the outspoken liberals.

It’s as yet unclear whether “The Squad” is actually speaking what the rest of the Democrats are thinking, but they’re doing it prematurely, or if they’re just rallying so much of the young Democrat vote that the leadership can’t disavow them, but one thing is for sure; Pelosi will have at least two more years of messes to clean up, what with the new wave of feminism seated among her charges, and if she’s not careful, she might start to show her age before they get done with her.