N. Korea Is Quickly Going Down the Tubes as Its Citizens Start Pointing Evil Eyes at Their Once Revered Leader…He’s Failed Them

Alexander Khitrov/shutterstock.com
Alexander Khitrov/shutterstock.com

Ten years ago when North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s father suddenly died, the hermit nation gasped as his young, weak, and inexperienced son stepped up to the podium with a bright gleaming smile and waved. How could this chubby little rugrat possibly fill the sandals of his god-like father? They soon learned how deceiving appearances can be when Kim went on a rampage and answered the question.

Amid rumors of a military coup to rid the nation of the spoiled brat, Kim beat everyone to the punch. He ordered the immediate execution of hundreds of his opposers to include family members, government officials, and the old guard, allowing him to start with a clean slate. This also made it clear to everyone within his close circle to start saying “yes sir” and doing as they were told.

Next, Kim took to the government-controlled airwaves. His larger-than-life face covered television screens with regularity until citizens finally got used to seeing him. Having already proven how his word was final, he set out to win the hearts of the people who had doubted his abilities. And he did. It was more of a fear-based adoration at first, but this changed over time as schools began brainwashing children into worshiping the little man’s almighty presence. 

But that was 10 years ago and this is now. The rocketman hasn’t made many friends outside of the flamboyant ex-NBA star Dennis Rodman whose loyalty to the U.S. remains in question anyway. Nobody wants to play with poor little Kim, and the nation he’s still trying to rule with an iron first is suffering because of it.

While North Korea is busting at the seams with sanctions of every imaginable type, the pandemic Kim told his peasants to not be concerned with is killing the ones off who have managed to not die of starvation first. Droughts have caused widespread famine to the point of guards being posted around what few crops remain, with orders to kill food thieves on sight, while pandemic border closures are keeping anything from getting in.

While Kim has assured North Korean citizens of better days ahead through the countries development of destructive nuclear capabilities, his words are falling flat as the nations’ bank account is close to being overdrawn. Firing rockets into the ocean takes a ton of won.

Kim’s first few years in power showed modest economic growth for the country and it was enough to gain him a loyal North Korean fan club. But around 2016 he got too big for his britches and began threatening not only the U.S. but his Asian neighbors as well. He pooped in the same bed his country sleeps in. And thus began the sanctions which over time have only increased.

Washington hasn’t attempted to negotiate with N. Korea since Donald Trump saw through Kim’s false motives for wanting to develop greater ties with the U.S. so instead tightened America’s grip. Joe Biden has yet to find the country on his Triple-A road map, so… 

Kim sees the furtherance of his nuclear capabilities as a “treasured sword” that’ll guarantee his nation’s safety from outside predators. Nobody tramples on his turf. But at long last, even the serfs who live under his command are realizing the importance of having friends. And there’s only so much devastation any society can take before they explode from the inside out. 

All indicators point towards N. Korea entering into the annals of history where it belongs, and it’ll all be thanks to a button-popping rich kid whose parents didn’t raise right. The end.