N. Korea Deploys Military to Farms To Kill Food Thieves on Sight as Starvation Deaths Rise

While N. Korea is boasting about just having test-fired their first long-range missile, the citizens of the country are starving. After a couple of years of droughts coupled with Kim Jong Un piling up his massive dinner plate, there’s nary enough food to go around. This makes the chubby little man with a bad haircut nervous. Not for his peasants. For himself. As such, drastic times have called for drastic measures.

Harvest season is upon the hermit nation. Using old-school techniques, laborers are in the fields tossing vegetables into baskets. The full baskets will then be confiscated by the government for them to distribute as they choose, very much in the same manner as a socialistic government of which N. Korea strongly resembles.

Because food has become such a precious commodity, food theft has becoming a thriving business. It’s pretty easy to walk away undetected with a full basket or two. Even easier if the thieves work in teams as they often do. The government knows it’s been happening over the years when food was more plentiful, but the amount stolen was inconsequential to the amount being produced so they never cracked down on it.

But that was then. That was before the N. Korean military was deployed to rural farmlands and instructed to shoot and kill any would-be food thief they catch in the act or even catch thinking about it. Kim would rather fire a faulty million-dollar missile than miss a meal.

Jokes aside, this is no small crisis. As the country’s chronic food shortage continues to worsen by the day, deaths by starvation have already occurred and the count is mounting by significant numbers. Only adding to their dilemma was their trade suspension with China, being hit hard by Covid-19, and shutting down the Sino-Korean border. North Korea is more isolated than they’ve ever been in history.

“The 9th Corps [sis] have organized groups to patrol the farms day and night because thefts are happening frequently,” said an anonymous, for apparent reasons, military source. “The General Staff Department ordered them to patrol the farms because… cooperative farm thefts are increasing all over the country. If the authorities do nothing to prevent this, harvest yields will be greatly reduced.”

According to the source, the ruling Workers Party, where everybody works except them, placed impossible goals on farmers for this year’s harvest. They were hoping for a large enough production to counter the food shortages they saw coming, but those hopes were dashed through no fault of the farmers.

One reason for the military being ordered to guard the crops is so that they’ll have enough of their own rations to get through the year. They may stay hungry but at least they won’t lose their fighting forces to malnutrition. However, one has to wonder if the military’s rate of AWOLs and defections will start escalating out of control. They may even all walk across the southern border in a mass exodus with no one left to stop them.

The military source said, “Any illegal trespasser is regarded as ‘an impure element’ against the government system and is to be shot without warning, so the order is causing tension among the residents living near the farms.” Patrols of twenty military armed guards carefully watch each farm with full authority to use deadly force, no questions asked.

Citizens living in rural areas are afraid to leave their homes at night for fear of being falsely identified as a thief and killed on sight. Many of these families have relatives serving in N. Korea’s military against their desire to do so this could play a big role in how the troops are in reality, going to respond.

From what’s being seen, N. Korea is on the verge of folding its final hand. At this late stage, they’ve run out of aces, and they certainly have no bargaining power or allies to come to their rescue.

It was only a matter of time before Kim Jong Un destroyed himself and all we can say is thank God that day is rapidly coming.