Must See! Watch This Woman’s Response at Trump’s Town Hall

When Trump held his town hall, we knew that we were going to get subjected to some pretty insane questions. Savannah Guthrie did not disappoint. The leftist ambush that we knew was coming took no time at all to arrive. Biden, on the other hand? He was treated like a fragile porcelain doll.

Guthrie came out, guns blazing, as you would have expected. Every leftist seems to have the same “gotcha!” moment planned but it never works out for them like they would hope. Guthrie’s ambush did not work out for her but at least she tried. That’s more than we can say for the liberals who sit at home and whine online instead.

Once Guthrie established the terms of engagement, Trump decided it was time to flip the savage switch. What did she expect? Leftists have a very strange point of view when it comes to attacking Trump. They think that they can attack him but once he sticks up for himself, he is the bad guy (according to them).

While he was replying to the question from her, one of his supporters had his back the whole time. This is the magic of Trump. Even when he is surrounded by haters, there are still fans who are willing to stand up for him. A black woman was sitting behind the president and near as we can tell, she had enough of the slurs and the nonsense.

She gave the president a thumbs up and let him know that he was doing great. The woman was also seen nodding at the time. She was clearly on his side, no matter what the liberal media might try to tell you today. They are big fans of rewriting history, in order to make Trump look worse than what he actually is.

Anyone who spent a moment or two on social media last night probably saw the Guthrie clip being shared as if she were some sort of hero. Instead of using her time to ask a question with some form of substance, she decided to take a potshot that would get her lots of retweets. That’s the leftist ethos in a nutshell.

The black woman in this story also goes against the narratives that the leftists have come up with. Give Joe Biden a day or two to find out more about this one. He’s going to be telling this woman that she isn’t really black before the weekend is out. She’s gone viral for all of the right reasons for once. We are just glad that common sense is starting to prevail in these settings.

All of the resistance posters on Twitter and Instagram are sure to love this one but they are an easy group to please. They will clap like trained seals every time someone says something even moderately rude about Trump. These are the same people who were celebrating the mere idea of him and his loved ones contracting a deadly virus. Even his son was not safe from these jackals.

Trump has no chance but to continue pushing onward at this point. He’s had to fight through a serious illness to remain on the campaign trail. Even some of his aides are worried that he is going to make his condition worse but he’s not someone who can stay in bed all day when there’s an election around the corner. That’s a job that is more fit for the one and only Sleepy Joe Biden.

At least there is a light at the end of the tunnel at this point. For those of us who are tired of the constant bickering, the election itself cannot come a moment too soon. We now eagerly await word about a potential second debate. Obviously, it was never going to come to fruition on Joe Biden and company’s watch. They had their excuse to opt-out and they wasted no time using it.