Muslims Storm Embassy Grounds in Indonesia Over U.S. Support of Israel as Geritol Guzzling Biden Does Nothing

In just one week’s time airstrikes from Israel have killed 212 Palestinians and wounded another 1,400. Of these, 61 were children. Return fire from Gaza has claimed the lives of 10 Israelis to include a 5-years-old boy. Neither country could care less about striking heavily populated areas. For the most they aren’t aiming at specific targets, they’re just letting the deadly projectiles land where they will. Tough luck if you happen to be at the wrong place.

In Indonesia, the most populous Muslim nation in the world, the heavily guarded U.S. Embassy has had its hands full as Pro-Palestinian protesters scream, yell, wave flags, and carry signs just outside of their locked doors in the capital city of Jakarta. Since Indonesia and Israel have never formed any type of diplomatic relations there is no Israeli embassy for the protestors to direct their anger at. Left with no other available options, they chose the next best thing.

The compound has been fortified with concrete road separators, and an additional 1,000 or more Indonesian police have been dispatched to the area. Amid the sea of Palestinian flags, most of the signs simply read “Free Palestine. Their message is clear.

A protest isn’t a protest without some healthy chanting going on and this group has not disappointed. Roughly 100 protesters gathered up by the United Indonesian Muslim Student Action group, repeatedly chanted “God is Great,” while another group was spitting out “Freedom for Palestine” in three-part harmony, very similar to “Row Your Boat.”

Because the protestors have no way of directly confronting Israel, their anger can only be unleashed on the U.S. for supporting the killer Israeli thugs. It should be noted how, thus far, the marches have accomplished nothing.

The Confederation of Indonesian Trade Unions has jumped into the action by forming their own group of voices. They marched down Main Street in military formation style hollering out “Save Palestine,” ending their journey roughly 100 yards from the embassy. The group had briefly paused in front of the United Nations mission to make their presence known before pushing forward to their intended destination.

Jakarta is not the only city experiencing disruption over Israels’ attempted annihilation of Gaza. Union workers organized similar protests in the major cities of Riau, Surabaya, Makassar, Bandung, and Yogyakarta, among others. And as is their habit, every Muslim in those towns wanted a piece of the action. They showed up in force, some of them probably not even knowing why they were there.

In the midst of a ravishing coronavirus epidemic, authorities have warned the protestors to follow social distance guidelines but what fun would that be? They’re standing shoulder to shoulder in unity.

Because Indonesia has always staunchly supported Palestine, not much, if anything, is being done to stop the protestors. They’re considered to be on the right side of this thing by their government and Indonesian President Joko Widodo agrees.

Widodo expressed his stance on Twitter by saying, “Israel aggression must be put to a stop.” It isn’t certain if his words were intended as a threat, but nonetheless, it would be a mistake for Netanyahu to take them lightly.

Widodo is not alone in his condemnation of Israels’ deadly actions. He’s joined forces with Malaysia’s Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin and Brunei’s Sultan Hasanal Bolkiah, neither of which have any ties with the Jewish nation. The three of them issued a joint statement of warning that called for a ceasefire between the warring parties, Israel and Hamas.

The trio of Muslim leaders also called on the United Nations Security Council to play a bigger role in the protection of Palestine’s civilian population who have no dog in the fight. They’ve asked them to step up and help stop “the atrocities against the Palestinian people.”

Their pleas are falling on deaf ears as Israel has vowed to continue its attacks, and since Hamas, the militant group ruling Gaza, prefers hiding out in civilian locations, the entire country is their target. Too bad for the civilians who get in the way.

Joe Biden said he fully supports a ceasefire, but the U.S., at least for now, is staying out of this one. To take an active side would only cause further condemnation from the other side, and being as how we’re just now getting out of one war he’s in no rush to get us involved in another one.

Donald Trump would not have taken the same stance. He would have defied Hamas by encouraging Israel to obliterate them, thereby putting U.S. support for Israel on full display. He would also make darn certain that what happens in Indonesia, stays in Indonesia, and there ways of achieving this without ever firing a shot. Trump is the king of sanctions.

So while Biden is sitting on his hands, people are dying and nobody is coming forward militarily or diplomatically in support of either side. The prez is missing a golden opportunity to show the world where America stands. Militant tyrants should never be allowed to be in full control of any country, but as long as Biden is in office, they will be.

And truth be known, Netanyahu is more than a little miffed with Grandpa Joe.