Movement To Get Rid of Kamala Harris Is Being Investigated To Determine If It Is Even Possible

By Maverick Pictures/
By Maverick Pictures/

Kamala Harris is a woman that loves to collect titles. Every job that she has been given to perform by Joe Biden has come with a title. And yet, with all the glamor and fame each title brings, she somehow fails to do her job. She gets caught up in the fame and loses track to work at getting things done.

Harris is so bad that even Joe Biden wishes he would have never considered including her on the campaign ticket with his name. He is forever linked with her failures, and it will be a thorn in his presidency moving forward.

But now, it seems that Harris has been targeted with the threat of replacing her as the vice president. The vice president would have to be brought up on impeachment charges to be removed from office. Once the articles are drawn up, the trial may begin, and once the vote is taken and approved, the vice president is kicked out of office.

The Democrats love to protect Joe Biden, but not much has been done to look after the worthless Kamala Harris. Everyone praised her as an elite Democrat with a lot of potentials. But now that she has shown her true colors, the truth is that she is not fit to even work in politics.

Harris knows her time in Washington is about to come to an end, and she has to get busy and start doing the job or face a backlash of attempts to rid the country of her presence.

RedState Mike Miller would write about the childish Harris that “A quick glance at recent coverage of Harris paints a pretty good picture of our hapless vice president, about whom many Americans — including CNN and allegedly the Biden administration itself — are beginning to wonder if the lights are on but nobody’s home behind those laughs and faux moments of attempting to act as if she’s deep in thought before answering a reporter’s question.”

Kamala Harris acts like she is working and thinking through things, but the only thing she has on her mind is taking over Biden’s position. She cannot think clearly enough to see that she has to work hard to be a president. But she could always try and cheat the way Biden did in 2020.

Some people are honestly looking into the best way to rid the world of Harris. Breitbart News would report that Just to let you guys in on a little secret here, I was told about 2 to 3 weeks ago, maybe this pertains to the Supreme Court, maybe this pertains to changing the ticket before you get into 2024. FDR seemingly burned through a vice president almost every time he was up for office. But I got an email from somebody who knows this place very well, who said, ‘Chad, start to familiarize yourself with the confirmation process just not in the Senate but the House for a vice president.’ he added.”

The process is not new when it comes to getting a new vice president. Kamala Harris would be forced to resign from her position, and then the process would start to look for another to replace her. The old gal would be pinned between a rock and a hard place that would essentially force her to resign.

The significant part about getting Kamala Harris is that her staff would throw a massive party because they would no longer have to work for the dictator. They would be out of a job, but it would be better than being degraded all day long.

The problems with Kamala Harris are just the tip of the iceberg for Joe Biden. Not one person in the country voted for the terrible duo that doesn’t regret casting a vote for them. The voter wishes they could return to the ballot box and vote for Donald Trump instead. The writing is on the wall for Harris, and it is a matter of time before she is told to resign or face some impeachment process to kick her face out of politics.