More on Welfare? That’s Sure to Fix the Economy, Right?

There are entirely too many Americans who believe that they are “owed” Welfare. It was originally set up by Franklin D. Roosevelt to get people over the Great Depression. More importantly, it was meant to be temporary.

Get a job – there are plenty of them out there.

Get a college degree – there are plenty of scholarships that go unclaimed every year.

The most successful people in the country have amazing stories where they came from nothing. They worked hard and they persevered.

Those on Welfare often stay on Welfare. They become generationally dependent on Welfare. They work the bare minimum to stay on the program because it’s easier than having to get out of the house and get a job where “the man” is going to tell them what to do every day.

If we’re ever going to see the economy bounce back, we need to encourage people to work. We’re already seeing what those unemployment checks did. People wanted to take the easy way out and open their hands to government funds. Now, restaurants and businesses are struggling to get people back to work. And shelves are empty because supply chains are destroyed because of what Biden has done.

Surely, our president has a plan…right?

Oh, he has a plan, but it’s most certainly not going to help the economy.

The American Families Plan that Biden wants to implement could end up putting 21 million more Americans into Welfare and other federal benefit programs.

Fellows at the Hoover Institution have completed the analysis, determining that the $1.8 trillion omnibus bill would expand the state of Welfare. They call it a “money-shuffling machine” and President Biden intends to make it the biggest system of entitlements in the history of the federal government. Without including the pandemic years into the data, it would leave more than half of the households in America of working age on the entitlement rolls.

We have to be very careful about doing such a thing.

If the households in America are of working age, why can’t they work? Oh, they can. It’s a matter of whether they want to.

Guess what? We have to do a lot of things that we don’t want to. It’s called being an adult. Sure, it’s easier to sit at home and collect Welfare. However, that’s also going to lead to poverty and not having the things that we want.

Even families that earn six-figure incomes, however, would be eligible for some of the handouts that Biden has planned. A two-parent household where there are two children of preschool age could qualify for federal cash assistance to pay for daycare – even if the incomes add up to $130,000.

Why is it that people need this money? Quite simply, they don’t. Biden is simply trying to make a name for himself. He’s trying to buy the affections of Americans because he knows that he was no one’s first choice.

If the American Families Plan were to be passed, 80% of the single-parent households in the nation would go onto the entitlement rolls. Another 57% of all married-couple families would receive the government handouts.

This is not the way to achieve economic growth – and the analysts know it. The spending wouldn’t be at the same level as it is now. The government disincentivizes working hard. There’s no push to work hard. There’s no push to focus on innovation.

Instead, the wealthier Americans will be hit with higher income taxes. Why? So that they can pay for the money going to poorer Americans. Those who work hard and who earn more are going to have to pay for the Americans who would rather sit around all day and complain that they are living in poverty.

One term is all it would take for Biden to destroy the economy for decades to come. We don’t need people on Welfare. We need to stop giving away money and get people back on the time clocks around the country. Only then can we see innovation and productivity peak once more.