More of Dem’s Ballot Fraud! Biden’s Texas Political Director Involved in Ballot Harvesting

Texas Democrats have created quite the quagmire for themselves and it only seems to worsen by the day.

On September 8, the Biden campaign let the world know that they would be hiring Dallas Jones, Texas political director, to handle similar duties. It did not take long before this connection produced a major story about the dangers of ballot harvesting.

As a political activist in Texas with lots of connections, Jones and the Democrats have a long history with one another. He’s now formally accused of actively working to harvest ballots. Two separate affidavits have already been filed on the matter in the Supreme Court of Texas. The affidavits were filed by private investigators.

One is a retired Houston Police Department captain and the other is a former FBI agent. The allegations that they have made about Dallas Jones’ ballot harvesting efforts were made under oath.

Absentee ballots and mail-in ballots are being hoarded, while operatives are given their marching orders. Senior citizens and the homeless will have ballots filed out on their behalf.

At the moment, Jones is serving as President and CEO of ELITE Change, Inc. and Managing Principal of Jones Group International, LLC. Before ELITE Change was formed, he’s spent years working at every level of the government.

He worked as a Special Assistant to U.S. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and was also a policy analyst for Texas State Representative Garnet Coleman.

Once he had departed from the public sector, Jones worked with the NAACP as a Regional Youth Field Director for the Southwestern Region. He was also given the opportunity to serve as National Youth Outreach Director for the NAACP National Voter Fund.

His primary focus was on the improvement of voter turnout and registration for African-Americans. Jones also served as Deputy Director of Public Affairs for AT&T, handling their public affairs efforts for the western United States.

Harris County and the state of Texas are now facing a class-action lawsuit. The suit was filed by a wide range of people, including a Harris County conservative activist. If you would like to check the affidavits out for yourself, please be sure to do so. Videotaped interviews of various witnesses are said to incriminate Jones.

A Democrat operative is actually caught on tape at a nursing home. They are directing the resident on how to vote and essentially filling out the ballot for them. Even Democrat activists have been getting fed up with the current state of affairs.

One Democrat activist alleges that Harris County Clerk Diane Troutman resigned because she did not want to be pressured into doing the bidding of party leaders.

However, the party reported that Troutman had resigned from her post because of health reasons. The new Harris County Clerk, Chris Hollins, is now trying his best to make a fundamental shift.

If he is successful, the manner in which this county votes will be changed forever. This is an issue that has been looked into for years now and from the looks of things, the investigation is about to take an incredible turn.

Citizen journalist Colleen Vera has alleged that Democrat Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee’s campaign is responsible for the payment of two forgers who have already been convicted in the past.

Vera believes that other Democrats are already engaging in similar efforts. This story is still developing and we do not expect a conclusion by Election Day. There’s still so much to unpack.

All we can do at this point is hope for the fairest election possible. As for the state of Texas? They are depending on the State Attorney General and election officials to step up and do the right thing. Whether this actually happens or not remains to be seen.

Party operatives and corrupt politicians must be held accountable for their actions if America is going to be able to have an election that passes without any sort of major incident.