Missouri Sunshine Law to Illuminate the Evils of George Soros

GIACOMO MORINI/shutterstock.com

As you likely know, anti-American billionaire George Soros has been presumed to be behind all sorts of leftist agenda items. Over the years, he’s helped fund all kinds of radical and progressive ideals, each one paving the way for the liberal congress currently in place. He’s even been suspected of having ties to a number of not-so-legal actions and plans. Of course, his well-paid connections always seem to get him out of any real trouble.

However, thanks to a recent Supreme Court win in the state of Missouri, his luck might have just changed a bit. That’s certainly the case for one of his lackeys.

Enter Democratic St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner.

If you’ve heard the name before, it’s likely because Gardner was primarily responsible for the resignation of former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens back in 2018.

At the time, Greitens was accused by Gardner, who was on George Soros’ payroll, of taking a rather compromising photo of a woman he supposedly had an affair with. Greitens swore he had done no such thing, but Gardner said she had proof.

Needless to say, Greitens political career, or at least his time as governor, was finished.

But it didn’t take long after Greiten’s resignation to discover that the photo in question didn’t actually exist. Or at least Gardner was forced to admit that she didn’t have it or couldn’t produce it. Naturally, this ended that prosecution.

But that wasn’t the extent of Gardner’s witch hunt for Greitens.

In addition, she had hired former FBI agent William Tisaby, supposedly under the instructions of George Soros, to investigate Greitens on those same charges, a felony privacy invasion. Apparently, no one from the local law enforcement offices would join Gardner in the case against Greitens, and so she resorted to hiring Tisaby.

But there was a problem there too.

You see, Tisaby wasn’t all that honest about what he supposedly found either. In fact, during the case, it was discovered that he had actually tampered with evidence for Gardner. Had he not pled guilty to one misdemeanor count of this, he would have been tried on no less than six counts of perjury and one count of evidence tampering for both lying during the investigation and hiding evidence about Greitens innocence.

Of course, Tisaby got off rather easily. His only sentence was that of probation. But even then, he was quite literally given a get out of jail free card. Somehow, his sentence was suspended almost immediately, and he was released.

One can only guess that Soros and his affiliation with Gardner had something to do with that.

Then in 2019, John Solomon from Just the News tried looking further into the case and decided to use Missouri’s Sunshine Law to get access to communication records between Gardner, the Missouri Workforce Housing Association, state Representative Stacy Newman, and several others, including a few others on Soros’ payroll.

Gardner, at first, completely ignored the request. Then after figuring out that Solomon wasn’t going away, she refused, saying that the communications requested weren’t subject to the Sunshine Law.

Solomon, knowing that they were, filed an appeal and won. Gardner, still refusing, took the case to the Supreme Court.

She really didn’t want those records made public, huh?

But now, much to her dismay, the Missouri Supreme Court not only refused to even hear her final appeal, it just ruled that she must hand over the requested records, as well as pay for all of Solomon’s attorney and court fees.

In addition, throughout the process of these appeals, Gardner was forced to admit that she wrongly investigated and prosecuted Greitens. On April 11, she was put before a disciplinary hearing where her guilt was admitted.

The Missouri Office of Disciplinary Counsel has agreed that a formal acknowledgment of Gardner’s misconduct will be placed on her license forever, according to KMOV- TV. However, that may not be the extent of her punishment. That decision will be made by the Missouri Supreme Court itself later this year.

As for Soros, well, only time and these soon-to-be-released documents will decide his fate. Perhaps, we’ll finally get something against him to stickā€¦