Minneapolis Police: We’re Giving Up and You Should, Too

Minneapolis has yet to recover after the death of George Floyd. Protests are still high, and the police have been shunned by the city. As the police have their budgets dissected, they have started to give up. Their newest advice to citizens is to give up as well.

Forget about holding on to your wallet. Forget about trying to outrun the bad guys. Just give up.

No one wants to hear that they should let the bad guys win. In every fairytale story, good always trumps bad. Minneapolis is proving that not only do we not live in a fairytale; we very well may be living in a nightmare.

Let’s forget about the crime right now. The Dems have failed the entire population of Minneapolis, and the rest of the country, too.

They don’t want to worry about the crime. In a time when there have been over 100 robberies and 20 carjackings in Minneapolis solely for the month of June, the Dems are choosing now to move forward with defunding the police.

We don’t need them defunded. We need them to protect us. But, that’s not going to help the Dems’ agenda.

The politicians are failing the police so the police have chosen to fail the city.

The city of Minneapolis has issued “robbery prevention tips” since the goal, now, is to not get robbed. “Be prepared to give up your cell phone and purse/wallet.” Fantastic, well, there goes those items. Oh, and “Do as they say.” They add on that safety is important, though that’s not exactly what they’re demonstrating here with these tips. Instead, they’re figuring out a way to keep people “safe” while also giving in to the criminals.

What they’ve failed to consider is that the BLM protests are getting increasingly more violent. Guess people are just supposed to avoid all areas where there are protests going on, too.

Oh, and as for carjacking, they say not to stop for strangers. Again, what happens when a BLM protest stops the car and surrounds it? What, then?

Well, the Democratic leaders don’t want to talk about any of that. They just want to offer up some safety tips since they have managed to fail the city to the point that even the police have thrown up their hands in surrender.

Even as the protests call to defund the police and the city is listening, the crime waves don’t stop. It’s complete anarchy. Now, neighborhoods are forming their own neighborhood watch groups to be able to provide safety – though the Dems are sure to hate that. After all, guns are bad in the hands of citizens – unless those citizens are also a part of the Black Lives Matter group.

This is what the Dems want. This is what they’ve begged for. Now that they have it, they’re ready for everyone else to join the celebration. Yep, it’s a utopia over here in Minneapolis. You can go to sleep to the sound of guns. You can wake up to be robbed at gunpoint, and you can have your car hijacked on your way to work.

Don’t call 911 because a social worker is going to answer. The police have been defunded, so they won’t be able to help. The best help is to avoid getting yourself into a mess. And if you do get into a mess anyway, just hand over everything to the bad guys.

Wow, with such an impressive way of running a city, Minneapolis should be the role model for all of the other Democratic-run cities. Chicago, Portland, Seattle, New York City…look what you have to look forward to once you defund your cities and allow the anarchists to win.

Gone are the good ‘ol days when Minneapolis used to rank as one of the safest cities in the country. Now, they’re looking to change all of that by giving the criminals the key to the city.