Michigan Ready to Expel Wicked Governor as Election Ramps Up

The parade to follow Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s departure is all set to move through the streets. The people are tired of her lust for power and the way she treats the people. For over a year, Whitmer has lorded terrible restrictions over people. And the entire time, she has gone on with her life ignoring the restrictions that govern her as well.

Michigan is a blue state to its core. It bleeds liberalism. But that does not mean that they and Republicans are not tired of their dictator. So many people in Michigan are ready to rid themselves of the monster so they can get back to a usual way of living.

For the past several years, the blue-blooded governor has made life miserable for people living in Michigan. Enough conservatives are living in Michigan to turn the state red. And they might get their way, given that Whitmer does not want to leave office anytime soon.

Donald Trump proved that the state could vote red in the 2016 election because he was a man of the people and not big interest groups. The liberals hated that about him because Hillary Clinton was supposed to sweep Michigan.

Michigan people are passionate about their freedoms. They hate being told what to do, and they despise even more those that try to kill off their industry. The people want those that will work for them and not for themselves. And so far, Whitmer and Biden have tried to do both.

Whitmer has proven that she is a selfish demon. She is constantly telling people to stay at home and not travel while hopping on airplanes and flying all over the country, visiting family, and taking trips.

The nasty liberals were able to manipulate COVID just enough to get avenues into power. They set up drop locations so their ballot harvesters could pile their stolen ballots into boxes to be counted multiple times for Joe Biden and other demonic cheaters.

Donald Trump and the Michigan Republican Party have been fighting Democratic corruption for a long time. They want to secure voting methods, so people are confident that their vote is counted and means something. But the Democrats do not want secure elections because it will mean an end to their ability to cheat their way into power.

The 2022 elections are closing in, and the liberals are feeling the stranglehold around their necks. Whitmer is facing some pretty hefty contenders. The largest is Garrett Soldano, who used Whitmer’s lockdowns as a platform to build up his social media base. That move alone has placed him at the head of the line to oust Whitmer into space.

Whitmer will also face opposition from James Craig, who is the former police chief for Detroit. He had witnessed first-hand the terrors that Whitmer has put people through. Whitmer has not addressed any of the critical issues that the people care about.

She has not fixed the roads are addressed any of the industry and manufacturing problems that continue to plague the state. But many of the challengers are targeting her inability to lead and get things done. She is a person that believes people should worship her and follow blindly along the path she has set before them.

Whitmer’s philosophy is if the issue is broken, then she believes it should stay broken. She will not mess with elections, roads, industry, or any other issue that needs attention.

The Republican party must come together to oust the liberal demon. His witchy mentality is that she is better than everyone else and should deal with ordinary people. She even allows her aids to violate COVID restrictions by letting them travel and do things that others or forbidden to do.

The people are still scathing mad at Whitmer. They hate her to the core and wish that they could somehow get rid of her right now. Or at least make her into a lame-duck governor. But she has too much power, and it has made her drunk with power. She is out of her mind and seems to be following Biden’s path of crazy thinking.