Media Blames Ron DeSantis for Democrats Election Mess

Hunter Crenian /
Hunter Crenian /

The Democrats love to make messes and fail to clean them up. And when it comes time to blame someone for the mess, they empower the nasty liberal media to find a Republican to dump on. This time around, the media turned again to Ron DeSantis to blame for an election disaster that they caused in Florida. When a congressional district came up for bid, someone in their party dropped the ball. The media had to shift the blame to the governor.

In a world where Democrats can do no wrong, someone has to be blamed for their sins. In the liberal world, Ron DeSantis crept into the counting room and messed around with the ballots. The media took to print and rabidly attacked the Floridian favorite for somehow messing up an election held in Broward County.

The issue over the election falls into what has become a historical election. The election results were so close that no other election in state history even came close. Challenger Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick could unseat Damle Holness of the 20th congressional seat. The accusation is that ballots were never delivered to be counted. And so, the fault must lie with DeSantis because the mail was slow that day.

The sad part about the issue is that the ballots were supposed to be delivered to the counting room before 7 p.m., and they failed to show up. McCormick won the election by a five-vote lead. The Democrats want mail-in voting to be a legal way of voting, but this incident proves that their system is unreliable.

State law demands that any ballot not received by the deadline cannot be counted in the total. The grand answer to ballot woes for the Democrats was to enable mail-in voting because it solved all the problems of a pandemic and allowed them to cheat people into power. But when the mail service is slow and fails to deliver the ballots on time, their grand idea falls flat on its face. And now they want to gripe about the process they favor implementing.

RedState found that the Sun-Sentinel tried to blame Ron DeSantis for the failure of the post office to get the mail delivered on time. They wrote, “DeSantis’ chief elections officer, Secretary of State Laurel Lee, should demand a complete report on the lost ballots from the Postal Service, but mostly all we hear on this subject from Tallahassee is silence. That’s because Republicans don’t really want every vote to count.”

Every vote was counted that was delivered on time. Had it been a Democratic candidate that won the election, they would insist that the law be followed to the letter. But since they lost, they will scream and shout and demand a full recount be done to include these mysterious ballots that suddenly showed up after the deadline.

The lousy liberals know what they are doing. They did the same thing during the 2020 presidential election when it was discovered that Donald Trump would win a second term. They mysteriously found enough ballots sitting in the corner to push Biden into the lead.

The media wants to pin voting restrictions on Ron DeSantis because the law will give a deadline of when ballots can be received for counting. DeSantis has nothing to do with the fact that hundreds of ballots showed up late. And what makes the matter even more comical is that both candidates were Democrats.

DeSantis could care less about who wins this election because it involves only Democrats. For the governor to try and meddle in such a petty election is comical at best. The only thing the Democrats could do was shift the blame away from themselves. They cannot stand any negative publicity because it would make them look bad.

Ron DeSantis had nothing to do with the failure of the Democrats in Broward County. They were able to mess everything up themselves, which only shows how right the Republican Party is all of the time.