Maybe Miss Colorado Can Figure Out Veteran Suicide

Bumble Dee/
Bumble Dee/

Veteran suicides have been a problem for decades. It has been estimated that approximately 20 veterans die each and every day due to suicide. We have to find a way to provide a higher level of mental health so that our war heroes aren’t taking their lives.

Although the Biden administration says that they’re on it, they have yet to release any plans with substance.

Miss Colorado, however, is an active-duty soldier in the Army. And instead of trying to solve world hunger or bring on world peace, she has a very different mission: to address veteran suicide once and for all.

Since the liberals seem to be clueless, we might as well step aside and let a soldier and Beauty Queen tackle the problem.

Miss Colorado is a unique contestant because she is an all-source intelligence analyst. Spc. Maura Spence-Carroll is in the 4th Infantry Division based out of Fort Carson, Colorado. While she dreams of being the next Miss America, she has dreams that help to keep soldiers from taking their lives, too.

Although it was Miss Alaska who clinched the Miss America title in 2021, Spence-Carroll feels she can still accomplish quite a bit while she wears the Miss Colorado crown for another six months.

Spence-Carroll has already become the first soldier to ever win the Miss Colorado title. She explains that “My responsibility as a soldier comes first. We’re soldiers 24/7, but thankfully, we do get time off throughout the day just like any civilian job.”

She is heavily involved in a nonprofit group that focuses on the suicide rates that the Veterans Administration has yet to impact. The group is called 22 Too Many: Ending the Epidemic of Military and Veteran Suicide. She believes that mental health advocacy is critical in the fight.

Spence-Carroll is dedicated to her goals, and she has said that she’s proud of everything she’s accomplished to make her the woman that she is today. She went on to share that she’s so much more than an active-duty soldier and an intelligence analyst. She listed off that she’s an “advocate, titleholder, trailblazer, leader…”

When she returned from her journey to become Miss America, she had the pleasure of meeting with Major General M. David Hodne, who is the Commanding General of the 4th Infantry Division. She shared plans that she has for the next six months that will lead to bringing an end to suicide within her force. “I was honored to be awarded his personal coin, as well as a copy of ‘The Hero’s Code’ to utilize as I promote from junior enlisted soldier to non-commissioned officer.”

Spence-Carroll has lofty goals and will be shining light on mental health issues. She wants to destigmatize the concept of getting help and seeking out therapy.

Enlisting in the military was always a two-fold plan for her. She wanted to gain life experience and have a way to pay for her education. She plans on using the GI Bill along with scholarships she earned from Miss Colorado to pay for law school. This will allow her to pursue a career as a civil rights attorney.

Her journey is regularly journaled on her Instagram page, where she talks about the importance of not only ending veteran suicide but also body positivity for women.

Perhaps she’s onto something. Since the VA can’t seem to get the job done, perhaps someone from the inside can make a difference.