Maxine Waters Spews Racist Propaganda About the Role of Police Officers

Maxine Waters is one of the oldest members of Congress. She’s also one of the most biased members. She spouts off insanity whenever she can – and she’s clearly incapable of taking a moderate approach to anything.

As a Congresswoman, she should be looking to unite the country. Instead, she is looking to tear it apart.

She recently stated that the police believe their job is “to keep black people in their place.”

Wait, what? How is it that she can even say such a thing?

The police officers around the country work hard to maintain law and order. Without them, crimes would be committed at insane rates.

What Maxine Waters is upset about is George Floyd and others who have been in unique situations of police brutality. It is far from the norm.

Not every police officer in the country is racist. And, not every police officer in the country is white.

What Waters has done is decided to make a broad statement that is insulting to each and every officer that wears the badge.

How Waters has not been impeached yet is incredulous. After all, this is the same woman who yelled “Impeach Trump! Impeach Trump!” And this was before he was even elected as the 45th president.

The California Representative goes on to say that “I believe that it stems from the history of this country. It stems from slavery when whites were absolutely in charge, and they absolutely controlled the lives of people and their families.”

What Maxine Waters doesn’t seem to understand is that the country has moved past our past. We understand that there’s a history of slavery. However, slavery was eliminated many years ago.

If every police officer were privately polled about whether they believe they are in charge and that they have control over the lives of people and their families, they would prove Waters wrong.

No one is looking to keep “black people in their place.” To say something such as that is extremely divisive. Perhaps Waters is giving white officers too much credit.

She hasn’t even bothered to specify specific officers. Instead, she’s making the blanket claim of “the police.” That means that white and black officers alike are keeping black people in their place. It means that male and female officers alike are doing it. And that simply isn’t the case.

Waters is showing off her ignorance of the statistics. FBI and other agencies have released statistics to show how police brutality can impact everyone. White criminals have been abused more heavily than black criminals. Yet, that doesn’t fit Waters’ narrative, so the truth is just ignored.

While many people are waiting for Maxine Waters to retire, Joe E. Collins III has decided that he’s going to run against her. He doesn’t believe that she has the best intentions for the people she supposedly represents.

Collins tweeted a photo of himself in front of her $6 million mansion and identified that she does not live in her district. Interesting.

Waters is a bigger hypocrite than most realize.

She claims to support Joe Biden. However, Biden called for unity as soon as he entered the White House.

Claiming that the police are only there to put black people in their place is not a way to achieve unity.

She’s too old, too crazy, and too biased to do any good for the American people. She’s only making things worse. If the police officers aren’t doing their job, it’s because Maxine Waters hasn’t done hers. She has hardly helped LA since she’s been in Congress – and she’s been there for decades.

Police officers work to keep criminals from committing crimes. Criminals come in all colors. If Maxine Waters is asking for a special pass so that black criminals aren’t arrested, she might want to rethink exactly what she stands for. She may need to take some training on how to be less racist, too. After all, racism does work in both directions.