Maxine Waters Runs from Car to Help Man Being Arrested

The police are simply people that have volunteered to protect the innocent from the wrath of the crooked. They come in and do a job that most people would not even be able to stomach. They investigate murders and deal with the violent people that would rather kill everyone than submitted to authority. They are even under the scrutiny of those that have never done the job and judged by people that have violently attacked the police. And they still get up and report to the station to continue to serve and protect the United States population. 

But there are a few crazy people such as Maxine Waters that think she can simply interfere in a police stop simply because she is a congresswoman. In a politically motivated manner, Maxine Waters noticed a police car had pulled over a man of color. Wacky Waters sees her chance and pulls her car over to the side of the road and marches up to the police and demands to know what they are doing. While the entire time she is hoping it is being videoed so she can get her five minutes on the news. After all, as a Democrat, she can stick her big fat nose in a private business such as a traffic stop. 

Waters thought that she needed to pull and check on what she called a “brother.” Silly Maxine thinks that there are two nations in America. And that is her problem. There is one America, and everyone that is here legally is bound by the same bundle of laws regardless of what they look like. If a person violates those laws, the police are going to pull that person over and enforce the law. Waters impeded a traffic stop. Any other person would have been arrested and placed in the squad car for interfering with the police. 

Waters got her wish and the video was put online for the world to see her policing the police. In a stupid stunt for political reasons, she marches right up to the police and demands what they are doing. She has no reason to interfere except for a popularity stunt of appearing to care about people at all. It is like the entire moment was set up form the beginning. She hires the man to get pulled over and she will march up to the police to make sure they are being fair. And the whole time she demands publicity for her self-proclaimed heroism. 

The video clearly shows Waters addressing the camera, so the setup is a possibility. It is just like the Democrats to devise things to make the police look bad. As she is harassing the police, she is looking at the camera and stated, “they stopped a brother so I stopped to see what they [the LAPD] were doing”. Some old lady trying to act like a gang member the way she is talking. 

The set up takes a turn in favor of the police as they told her to leave or she would receive a ticket herself. She stated that “They say I’m in the wrong place. “They’re going to give me a ticket, but that’s okay, as long as I watch them.” It would have been better to see Waters being placed in the squad car for interfering with the stop. 

The whole stunt of Waters acting as she cares about some poor stranger is no different than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez marching to the southern border and taking pictures of her there acting as she cares about what is going on. Since those fake photos, she has not said one thing about the border or the wall because it is not a popular topic right now. And so, it is with Maxine Waters. Here publicity stunt just shows how desperate liberals are getting to get their names in the papers.

Wacky Waters is then seen walking backward as the person filming her states “you gotta do what you gotta do, make sure”. With her scripted response of “I will” to follow. If there were no riots going, Waters would have never stopped to police the officers doing their job. There have been plenty of other people she had passed in the recent years that were stopped by the police, and not once did she care enough to stop for them. Her motives were purely politically based.