Mark Cuban’s Attempt at Banning the National Anthem Fell Way Short of the Basket

Billionaire entrepreneur Mike Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks is amid great controversy has singlehandedly decided it would be in everybody’s best interest to no longer allow the playing of America’s National Anthem at any of the team’s future home games.

When asked about his brazen decision, Cuban was said he was being receptive to “the voices of those who do not feel the anthem represents them.”

Of course, this begs the obvious question, how about the fans who the song does represent? They way outnumber the fascist’s radical extremists who claim allegiance to nothing except maybe their mamma’s fried chicken. Are these the voices he’s hearing?

The National Basketball Association had no other option than to intercede as they stomped all over Cubans misguided decision. They let the “Shark Tank” star know in no uncertain terms how it has always been the policy of the NBA that teams will play the anthem at every game, just prior to starting the clock. Period. No exclamation point.

In all fairness, Cuban still loves the country that turned his dreams into billions of dollars. How could he not? And he certainly has nothing against the song itself. It’s kinda catchy. But as obviously intelligent as the guy is, like the rest of us, he isn’t immune to being sucked in by propaganda.

Cuban genuinely believes that pulling the song from the jukebox would be a great start to ending racism. This widely debunked theory has been as of late shoved down the throat of every White liberal who was made to feel embarrassed and guilty for something they had no part in.

Athlete’s and corporate America didn’t help by taking advantage of the escalating racial tension for their own gain. They happily tossed gas on the fire. Cancel culture went full speed ahead, and in its twisted wisdom, tried to take “The Star-Spangled Banner” with it. And Cuban fell for it.

As a prime example of profiteering from injustice by making people aware of what they had no idea about, one need look no further than Colin Kaepernick.

Kirkpatrick more or less started the recent racial disturbances by taking a knee during the playing of the anthem. And as a result, the guy has too much money to keep track of. He’s made a mint off of this thing and he’s still raking it in. He doesn’t want to play football again.

Nike was all but forced to recall an American flag printed shoe design when the liberal media raked them over the coals. They claimed that wearing anything with an American flag print on it in these days and times was like sporting a swastika. You’re pro-slavery, racist, and own a pillowcase with eye holes in it if you do.

Here’s what people like Cuban haven’t the ability to understand. This further applies to the drippingly wealthy, the uneducated celebrities, and anyone who feels as if their notoriety has earned them a voice above all others. They’re the problem.

Unlike the profiteers, Cuban is for the most part sincere. But even so, raising his right fist in support of voiceless Americans who claim they never received a fair shot at life in this country, is bunk. It is because of his and others continuing efforts to be super-heroes in a film that shouldn’t be starring them, that others have been convinced of how the anthem no longer represents them.

Cuban, Kaepernick and Nike, are but three of the many guilty parties who have been preaching to minorities, the voiceless, and the wretched non-masses yearning to be free. They’re straight-up letting anyone who falls within a certain category know that America no longer belongs to them. They’re just living here. And they wield substantial influence.

And if you say something enough, people start to believe it. How about you? Are you going to demand that the “Star-Spangled Banner” keep on being played? Are you going to keep standing for it?