Mainstream Media Devises Plan To Hide Hunter Biden Scandal

Just two weeks ahead of the presidential election and the Democrat presidential campaign appears to have a problem that they need help cleaning up, and the mainstream media is doing its darndest to help bury some very bad press that has been haunting the would-be first family.

Thanks to email dumps that have been reported on by both the New York Post and Breitbart News, more information about the Biden family and how they’ve used their substantial Washington connections, have caused concern that the political dynasty doesn’t seem to be able to fend off.

Thanks to the strong left-leaning bias by many major media outlets, there has been little coverage on the issues of international influence exercised by candidate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, and what little has been talked about has been extremely skeptical if not outright dismissive.

In what is a highly transparent push by NBC, they have equated the information from a laptop, signed off on by governmental intelligence agencies, and cleared of suspicion of misinformation, as similar to another scandal that many considered fringe in 2016 called Pizzagate.

NBC reported this week that journalist Ben Collins who “covers disinformation, extremism and the internet for NBC News” along with Brandy Zadrozny, who is an investigative reporter, looked into what they called “Pizzagate-style rumors” which they said were “largely confined to far-right message boards.”

That “conspiracy” was, according to a desperate left who needed to make sense of Hillary Clinton losing, partially responsible for Trump’s win in 2015.

“Some of the same people who pushed a false conspiracy theory about Hillary Clinton that first emerged in 2016 are now targeting Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, with similar falsehoods,” NBC reported.

“The fantastical rumors, which NBC News is declining to repeat verbatim, echo specific plot points central to ‘pizzagate,’ a viral disinformation campaign that predates QAnon but also falsely alleges a vast conspiracy of child abuse.”

NBC is sounding the alarm, however, because according to them, the virus of information spreading by the right is only growing more out of control with Hunter Biden, and the theories about his business (which it appears the Biden family themselves is lackadaisical in dispelling) are just more reckless reporting by those who haven’t yet acquiesce to the left’s vice grip on information.

“There is an important difference, however,” Collins and Zadrozny said in their less reporting-more convincing style piece on NBC’s website. “The pizzagate-style rumors in 2016 were largely confined to far-right message boards like 4chan and parts of Reddit. But the Hunter Biden iteration of the same conspiracy theory took off last weekend with the help of speculation from conservative TV hosts and members of Congress. Their theorizing can be traced back to a new website that has been promoted by President Donald Trump and his surrogates.”

The piece calls the emails that have been published “once-obscure and fringe claims [that] are now able to reach mainstream conservative media and even elected officials in the run-up to the 2020 election.”

NBC also consulted a serious “expert” in the form of an assistant professor of communications and rhetoric at Syracuse University, Whitney Phillips who said that what the article calls “pro-Trump trolls” are  “playing the hits from 2016” with the reporting of information verified by US intelligence agencies.

“This is gaslighting of the highest order,” Phillips said. “This has been the Steve Bannon playbook this entire time. He has celebrated the strategy of ‘flooding the zone with s—‘ — when you confuse people when you make them angry when you just sort of throw too many things at them for them to process.”

So, take it from the media outlets who clearly have your best interest at heart. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, smoking crack and selling you out to the highest bidder; they’ll look out for you, just vote for Biden. Then we’ll all be able to drink the free bubble up and eat the rainbow stew (assuming Hunter doesn’t beat us to the punch).