Mail-In Primaries in Several States Fail Miserably – Signs of Trouble for November

The vote by mail primaries were supposed to set the stage for November. This was the Democrats’ chance to show everyone that these mail in voting practices were going to provide the nation with a chance to vote more safely. Meanwhile, those of us who were skeptical about what was about to take place are receiving the necessary confirmation that we were right.

Can you believe that the Associated Press needed three whole weeks to call the race for NY-16? Jamaal Bowman was the progressive challenger who was able to unseat Representative Eliot Engel. Sixteen points separated the candidates, but they were unable to make a decision in a timely manner. If it takes three weeks to tally the votes for a primary, the presidential election would truly cause issues.

In case you were wondering, this race was the furthest thing from a fluke. According to reports from the New York Times, there are still a number of races that have yet to be decided. It’s taking forever and a day to count up all of the votes. It’s been several weeks since election day and we still have no idea what is happening.

The Times is usually the first one to come down on the side of liberal concerns but even they are very worried about the potential outcome of the general election come fall. Why would anyone want to live in a world where they have to wait until 2021 to find out who won the election? That’s what the Democrats are after, though. They do not care who they have to step on to get there, either.

The pandemic has emerged as their perfect excuse. The vote by mail options are being inflated this year because of the coronavirus’ unstoppable spread. The Democrats view this as their chance to swipe an election and they are being incredibly transparent about their goals. The amount of ballots that have been counted so far during the primaries is absolutely absurd.

We are not sure how anyone could look at what is going on and feel good about it. There’s no reason to trust mail in voting but the leftists are not going to stop pushing it. Since it does not look like coronavirus will be under control in the United States by the time the fall rolls around, we foresee quite the legal battle ahead. The left is not going to let this election go by without a fight.

Biden’s only hope of winning fair and square rests on mail in voting. It’s not much of a chance but crazier things have happened. Of course, he does not want to win fair and square. The orange man is bad and the country must be seized from him at all costs. For his part, Trump is already saying that the election results will be contested if he does not believe that they are fair and we understand completely.

Why would the president be willing to leave the White House if he did not believe that the election was conducted in a fair and impartial manner? That’s not a rhetorical question, either. The Democrats would never be willing to leave the White House if they were under the belief that the election had not taken place in a fair way. So why would the Republicans be demonized for feeling the same? It’s a hilarious double standard that never, ever stops being funny.

Trump does not have to give in to the results of an election that is being stolen in plain sight. We wouldn’t be surprised if he decides to do something about it as we get closer to the fall. One thing is for sure: there are going to be a lot of fireworks at the Republican National Convention this year. Trump is going to have a strong message for those who think that they can swipe the election and rightfully so.