Lindsey Graham Fights Democrats by Using Their Own Playbook Against Them

Joe Biden wants to turn American into the next failed communist state. He has bowed to the wishes of the progressive party and now wants to pass trillion-dollar spending bills that will bankrupt America. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her green deal is the same thing that Biden is trying to pass in segments. But he is having a rough time with it because members of his party and influential Republicans are standing in his way.

The Democratic Christmas list of $3.5 trillion is a trojan horse they want to unleash on the country. It would kill off significant segments of the industry that help millions of people earn a living doing every day. Senator Lindsey Graham is one of those people.

The entire bill is a package deal that incorporates just about every evil desire of the liberal party. The way they need to pass the bill is with a simple majority. But that simple majority is tough to come by with moderates rejecting Biden’s plans.

But Graham is using one of the tricks that the Democrats love to use against them. He has determined that if the Texas Democrats can get away with acting like children, they deserve to have the same treatment thrown back at them by denying them a quorum.

The Texas Democrats acted like children and fled the state to Washington. From there, they acted like spoiled brats taking to the airways and telling why they fled. They told the world that they did not want fair elections in Texas, so they ran from their jobs.

They have abandoned the American people and their jobs by running away from a simple vote. Senator Graham stated, “Before Republicans beat up on the Democrats in Texas for leaving Texas too much, if for some reason they pass reconciliation, budget resolution, to bring that bill to the floor of the United States Senate, the $3.5 trillion bill, you got to have a quorum to pass a bill in the Senate. I would leave before I’d let that happen.”

Kamala Harris thinks the traitors from Texas are heroes. She loves the idea that they all stiffed the people of Texas they are supposed to represent. Harris would fit right in with the nasty liberals out of Texas. She has already abandoned her role as vice president and adopted a stiff-arm policy to keep people away from her.

The Democrats know that they are out of time, and they are ready to throw the hail Mary pass before the Republicans take over in 2022. But they need cooperation from everyone, and having the Texans run away did not help them much.

The Biden administration has all but joined up with the extreme liberals. They are the crowd-pulling his strings, and all he can do is obey his progressive masters.

The Democrats that ran from Texas are getting what they deserved. They packed themselves on a plane and spread the coronavirus around like a party drink. Had they just stayed in Texas and did their job, they would have never gotten sick.

The bill that the Republicans need to block is destined to ruin America. The progressives need this bill to move onto their next plan of attacks against America. Once they have control over the welfare of the people, they will be back to strip away their freedom.

The Senate needs only a simple majority, so Graham’s idea would require the cooperation of every Republican. The Republicans would have to unite together to save the country from a bill that will make the difference between a failed communist state or the continuation of a country where freedom is guaranteed.

Graham’s idea is one of those last resort methods. The moderate liberals already hate Biden and his holier art thou attitude. They just cannot be on board with a man that wants to kill America.

All it will take to kill the bill is a commitment to freedom from all those opposed to the passing of the trojan bill. Joe Biden must be sent a message that his approach to working with people has driven a wedge so deep that no one trusts him any longer.