Trump Responds To Clinton Campaign Manager’s Courtroom Bombshell…

(Liberty Bell) – The trial of attorney Michael Sussmann, who has been accused of lying to the FBI, is now underway and it’s providing some pretty insightful revelations into the whole Russia-collusion hoax. During the trial, it was revealed that failed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton approved the spread of a false allegation that the […]

JUST IN: Lincoln Memorial Shut Down After Disrespectful Group Of College Kids Wrecks The Place

(Liberty Bell) – According to a report from the folks over at The Western Journal, the Lincoln Memorial was shut down for a few hours on Saturday after a group of college students decided to come along and trash it. Because nothing screams having a good time like destroying public property, right? Georgetown University held […]

BREAKING: Woman Nearly Dies After COVID Test Goes Horribly Wrong

(Liberty Bell) – While COVID poses a threat to some people within certain categories and COVID shots pose a threat to a much larger range of people, there’s another COVID-related threat many people might not even be aware of: the at-home test swabs. While we have known that the test swabs are riddled with toxins […]

ALERT: Elon Musk Confirms He’s ‘Out For Blood,’ Declares Total War On The Democrat Establishment

(Liberty Bell) – Billionaire Elon Musk is slowly, but surely becoming a hero of conservatives everywhere, despite the fact he still — likely — holds to some liberal positions on some issues, mostly due to the fact he’s actually pulling a Trump and taking a bold stand against the radical left and their attempts to […]

JUST IN: Hillary Fans Hit With Biggest Gut Punch Since 2016 Defeat

(Liberty Bell) – Hillary Clinton is truly America’s biggest loser. She lost her bid to become president of the United States, not once but twice, and now she’s lost her opportunity to see herself as president in a made-up fantasy television adaption of the 2020 book “Rodham.” The book, by Curtis Sittenfeld, is based on […]

Alert: Breaking Dem Legislation Could End Gun Sales To All Current Firearm Owners Forever

(Liberty Bell) – With midterms just around the corner, Senate Democrats are using the most recent mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, that claimed 10 innocent lives, as a political tool to once again push their radical gun control agenda. Apparently, they haven’t quite got the picture that their radical agenda is exactly what Americans […]

BOMBSHELL: Nadler In Fight For Survival… Scrambling To React To Massive Court Decision

(Liberty Bell) – Democrats have dominated the state of New York long enough. Their attempts to ensure a Democratic majority in perpetuity were so flagrant that even a Democrat-dominated court couldn’t go along with it. Now, thanks to a court ruling, new congressional districts in New York state are forcing Democratic “titans” to compete against […]

Dem Witness: Yes, Men Can Become Pregnant, Have Abortions (VIDEO)

(Liberty Bell) – I don’t think, at this point in our world’s history, one can honestly look at our culture and the moral decay we are experiencing, which is a direct result of the application of progressive policies to various areas of life along with the denial of basic scientific fact, and not say that […]

Russian Military Analyst Goes Rogue… Admits Truth Of Ukraine War

(Liberty Bell) – It has been really difficult to figure out exactly what is going on in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. We know that things are definitely not what they appear to be and that Ukraine is not some innocent victim of Russian aggression. We know that there are US-funded biolabs in Ukraine and we know […]

MUST-SEE: Rep. Lauren Boebert Hits Back When Joy Behar Tries To Use Family Photo As A Smear

(Liberty Bell) – Leftists have jumped on the weekend’s mass shooting in Buffalo, using it as an opportunity to slam President Trump, MAGA, conservatives, Fox News and right-wing commentators like Tucker Carlson, Ben Shapiro and more. It doesn’t matter that the alleged shooter wrote a manifesto in which he claimed to be “authoritarian left,” anti-Christian, […]