Trump Has Some Harsh Words for House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy

Former President Donald Trump has some definite ideas about what House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) should have done with the House Select Committee investigating the January 6, 2021 riot on the Capitol. Trump said that it was “not even a question” that McCarthy should have put Republican lawmakers on the committee. “Well, I think […]

Texas and Arizona Team Up to Dump Immigration Problem at Biden’s Feet

If you haven’t figured out yet, the Biden administration and most of those in Washington, DC, have a nasty habit of really only doing what concerns them, ignoring the rest of the country in the meantime. Take the whole ban on fossil fuel leases and production in the US, for example. No one but overly […]

Bill Gates Decides No More Meat…And Scientists Jump to Make It Happen

Imagine being so convoluted that you believe that animals are what’s going to kill the planet. Now, imagine having so much money that you can force scientists to do your bidding. That’s where we’re at right now – and the crazy person with all of the money is Bill Gates. We need protein. It’s critical […]

Elon Musk’s SpaceX Tosses 55 More Satellites Into Space Over 3 Launches

Anything Elon Musk has gotten behind in the last few years had been an absolute success at the highest of levels. While SpaceX has been one of the biggest jewels in his crown of technology, completing a triple header this weekend successfully is a new shiny gem for sure! A feat like this has never […]

Manchin Has New Ideas on How Things Should Be Run

Joe Manchin is a Democrat that has constantly stood against the evil wiles of President Joe Biden. He has voted with Republicans are numerous bills that would have bankrupted the country if they had passed. He sees the persistent president trying to implement several things that would essentially change America into a country poisoned by […]

Bill Clinton Has Never Been So Concerned…Says America Has a ‘Fair Chance’ to Lose Democracy

Former President Bill Clinton had some pretty threatening things to say about our country this week. First, he said that he’s never been so concerned about America’s “foundational future.” And then he said that there is a “fair chance” that the United States could “completely lose our constitutional democracy.” Once again, Clinton took a seat […]

Is China Pulling a Putin or Is Its Military As Strong as It Says It Is?

Ukrainian military forces have given the Russians a bigger run for their money than anyone could have ever anticipated, and hooray for them. This means one of two things. We either underestimated Ukraine’s determination and military might, or we grossly overestimated Russia’s.   The U.S. was no exception in thinking Ukraine didn’t stand a chance and […]

Biden’s FBI Searching for Civil War Gold without Telling Anyone

The FBI is an agency that has become shrouded in mystery. A report put out by CBS News claims that the FBI has been secretly searching for Civil War gold in Pennsylvania. And when asked about it by judicial authorities, nothing but denial comes out. The Democrats have infiltrated the agency and used its vast […]

Teachers in Ohio Can Now Carry Guns into the School

The entire country is shaken over what happened in Uvalde, Texas. No one wants to see another massacre happen. While Congress is fighting over what gun control should and shouldn’t look like, Ohio decided to take another approach entirely. The state doesn’t care about restricting guns. They are realistic. They know that criminals will own […]

AOC Says “No” to a Future with Biden in It

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a Democratic Socialist – and she’s approved to admit that fact to anyone and everyone. During the 2020 presidential primaries, she was in support of her mentor, Bernie Sanders. After all, socialists looking to change the entire landscape of the United States have to stick together. Once it was clear that Sanders […]

The Warning Signs for Stagflation Once Again in the American Pie

Retro is usually cool…long hair, beards, bell-bottoms, peace, and love. Most people love a look back at the ’70s in America. Except when the experience of today flashes back to the stagflation of the ’70s decade. For many people in this country, the 70s bring back memories of long lines at gas stations and closed […]

House Races Gun Package Through in Knee Jerk Reactions Following Emotional Manipulation

With a House chamber vote of 228-199, the passage of the Protect Our Kids Act looks to make catastrophic changes to our second amendment. The entire package passed with 223-205. Two Democrats — Reps. Jared Golden (ME) and Kurt Schrader (OR) – cast their votes against these acts. Republican Reps. Brian Fitzpatrick (PA), Anthony Gonzalez […]

Kyle Rittenhouse Has a Message for Biden

Here in America, we are having quite the national discussion about firearms and our Second Amendment rights. While firearms and their uses have always been a bit of a concern for certain parties and individuals, it because a major issue in recent years due to a number of what we call mass shootings, in which […]

France Comes Clean and Shows Support for Russia and the Destruction of the Ukrainian People

Vladimir Putin has taken advantage of Joe Biden’s inability to stand up as a vital American president. The Russian leader took the risk and invaded Ukraine, knowing that Biden would look the other way and not intervene. Putin has killed innocent civilians and destroyed countless regions in his quest for dominance. His lust for power […]

Boxed CEO Forecasts Steep Beverage Shortages and More Price Jumps

Boxed CEO Chieh Huang is not confident in the industry to keep consumers properly hydrated, well fed, or stores with stocked shelves. Speaking with Fox News on Varney & Co on June 6th, he discussed how rough it could get if projections are right. “This summer, I think beverages, you’re going to start to see kind of […]

Gov. DeSantis Holds the Line on State Healthcare for Transgender Minors

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has led his administration to ask the state medical board to basically ban all transition-related healthcare for transgender youth. There is another state agency that made a public report that justifies keeping transgender people from using state Medicaid for receiving gender-affirming care. Medicaid is the federal health program that provides […]

Russian Propaganda Strategizing How to Destroy the Coastlines of the United States

Vladimir Putin has the world on his mind. He is lusting after the power that could be his if he could bring all the nations under his control. His invasion of Ukraine was just the first step on the path to world dominance. He has come to believe his propaganda that there is no nation […]

Pelosi Makes Empty Promises on Banning Guns

The moment that a politician talks about banning guns, it causes people to prickle. It is an infringement on our Second Amendment rights. Guns are not the problem – the mentally unstable and criminally insane are the problem. However, too many liberal politicians believe that the answer is to just remove the guns from everyone, […]

Biden Finally Fessed Up to Singlehandedly Creating the Baby Formula Shortage…It Was Him All Along

US Presidents are entrusted with the responsibility of researching every finite detail of every issue that crosses their desk. They’re hired to make important decisions on behalf of the citizens who elected them and they’re expected to make the right ones. Let’s talk baby formula. While mothers with screaming babies were raising a ruckus over […]

Democrats New Bill a Major Pain for All Law Enforcement

The Democrats are back up to their old tricks again, trying hard to pass legislation that will destroy America as it is known today. Over the past several years, the liberals have tried to defund the police and limit how they respond to criminal activity. The liberals want to put the power of the confrontation […]

Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Program Is a Huge Blunder That’ll Benefit the Top 10%…Surprised?

With little exception, job applicants with college degrees are more likely to be hired than those without. The field of study is often less relevant than the discipline and fortitude it required of the applicant to attain their educational goals. A degree in tiddly-winks is better than no degree at all.  But this also means […]

China Ratcheting Up Offensive With Taiwan; Fighter Jets Scrambled in Response

No matter what Taiwan does, China just keeps trying to mess with its independence. Unable to come to terms with the fact that Taiwan is gone, they keep pulling the crazy stalker ex and sending their friends to fly by and make them take notice. This time though, China sent them en masse. With up […]

Meet the Teacher Accused and Fired for Sexual Misconduct but Was It Something More?

Joshua Katz is a victim of a double whammy. The man was investigated for a sexual misconduct accusation for which he was reprimanded. But Princeton University decided that they would bring up the matter again and fire him over it. In 2018 Katz was found to have had a relationship with a student, which would […]

The VA Has $3 Million in Cash for Anyone Who Can Solve the Veteran Suicide Crisis

The value of human life cannot be determined in dollars and cents, yet saving one often comes with a heavy price tag. After much too long a period of time and tens of thousands of deaths later, the Veterans Administration has admitted how they are powerless to stop the disproportionate number of American military veteran […]

Musk Strikes Heart of Dem Establishment with Tweet Aimed at Hillary Clinton

According to the political left, “disinformation” is everywhere, or basically everywhere a Republican or GOP member is. But it seems when it comes to their own party, they are less willing to admit the same, even when it comes to a has-been and failure like Hillary Clinton. As you likely know, Clinton’s former campaign lawyer […]

Should You Be Preparing for Summer Blackouts? If You Live Here, Experts Advise It

As you know, we are being pushed more and more to ‘go green’ and start using more renewable energy sources like solar panels and wind turbines. And in many states, such as California, Texas, and Indiana, those energy sources have begun to take precedence over their fossil fuel counterparts. However, there’s a major problem with […]

Russian Diplomat Resigns in Shame for Invasion of Ukraine

Since Russia started invading Ukraine in late February 2022, there have been mixed feelings about the invasion from Russians. Some are all for it and want to see the Soviet Union together once again. Others are disgusted with President Putin, the Kremlin, and their military for undertaking such an operation. Being beaten back by groups […]

Casino Titan Steve Wynn Sued by DOJ; Forcing Him To Be Listed as an Agent of China

Steve Wynn is as synonymous with Las Vegas as $9.99 lobster buffets, circ du solei shows, and blowing the kid’s college fund on the nickel slots. He has built or been involved with some of the largest real estate and casino deals the city has ever seen. His expertise in the casino industry is second […]

Biden’s Finally Set His Sights on China

Joe Biden swore that he was going to deal with China throughout his career. While he was still a senator, he talked about how the country could be transformed with trade agreements. As a presidential candidate, he denounced it as a dictatorship. Now, Biden has a chance to finally work on U.S. relations with China. […]

Former Pharmaceutical Exec Martin Shkreli Freed From Prison, Shockingly Unharmed

After earning a very soft seven-year sentence in federal prison for fraud, Martin Shkreli is free and out in the public once again. This isn’t from overcrowding, COVID, or a change in the laws for his crime. Instead, he got out after serving 5/7 of his sentence thanks to federal programs for reducing prison sentences […]