Liberals Lose Their Minds with Extreme Crackdowns

The fearful Democrats are having to resort to force to keep the people living in their states under control. The people that are targets of the liberals are not rioting or protesting, they are simply living their everyday lives by working and being a productive member of society. The measures that the Democrats are enacting are severe as they wrongfully punish the innocent.

People are having their power shut off and are facing massive fines for simply living. The liberals know they are losing control and it is fearful for them to go down that path. The demented leaders should rather be going after the rioters that seem to have permission to ignore lockdown laws, but they would rather target conservatives.

In the city of Los Angeles, one family that through a house party had the police come busting through their door and a police helicopter tracking down people trying to leave.

They were treated like they were planning on blowing up the federal building. Liberals ordered the seizure of vehicles and the arrest of many people at the party. All because the liberals fear the coronavirus.

The psychotic mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, said that “These large house parties have essentially become nightclubs in the hills. These large parties are unsafe and can cost Angelenos their lives.”

Or maybe it’s the fear of people having a good time that frightens the Democrats. Their need to halt all fun and put innocent people in jail fits perfectly with their socialist outlook.

The latest attacks on people come at the expense of private businesses. Liberals know they cannot control them so instead they push to shut them down. Places that deal with food are having their permits pulled and water shutoff if they do not close their doors. These scare tactics are pushing people to the state of insanity.

The city of Los Angeles Health Department stated that “Beginning at the end of August, fines will be issued to businesses that are non-compliant that can range from $100 for the first offense to $500 and a 30-day permit suspension for multiple offenses. This includes businesses licensed and permitted by the department and those that are not.” The liberals are acting like they can foresee the future.

They are not taking things one day at a time. They simply are locking things down months ahead of time, and not giving any hope to people. The Democrats must be thinking that if they can keep people locked up until November, then there will be fewer votes for the president. The fear the is being pushed by the media is politically driven. They want people to fear so they are easier to control.

People are being fined in some areas of crazy California for not wearing a mask. Fines can amount to the sum of thousands of dollars. All because of an unproven method of control. Forcing people to do something just because a few people are scared, is criminal. Those that want to wear a mask can, but they should not be forcing the millions of other people that feel safe to put one on just so the fearful can be at ease.

Liberal states are banning travelers and forcing them to isolate for 14 days. New York is setting up checkpoints as they look for violators that they can arrest and force them to comply. What is next should scare everyone. The next step to containment is shipping people off to labor camps and isolation islands.

De Blasio wants to send a message to people that they are not welcome in New York by setting up checkpoints. He is forcing people to fill out forms that tell where they are traveling and enacting stiff penalties for violators. These are the same tactics that the Nazis used right before they started killing people by the millions.

People are not stupid like the Democrats the maintain they are. People should be allowed to look after their health and wellbeing without being forced into submission. Liberals around the country are taking COVID-19 way too far. It is time for people to stand up to their tactics and tell them there will be no more compliance.