Liberals Ignore Their Own Violent Actions and Tear Down Everyone Else

Common sense has all but been drained from the Democratic Party. As Portland, Oregon was under siege for the better course of a year; the liberals turned a blind eye to the violence that was wrecking lives. The mayor of the city was even known to verbally and publicly support the actions of the terrorist because Ted Wheeler thought that they were on to something.

But the longer the terrorists attack the city, the quieter the liberals became. For nine months, the city has been under siege, and so far, nothing is being done to put a stop to it. The Democrats are acting like they want the violence to continue.

When city officials finally were able to remove the fencing from around the courthouse, the violent thugs returned and tried to burn the place to the ground. Black Lives Matter and Antifa got together and came after the one target that they were not able to reach for the better part of last year.

In a normal society, law enforcement would be empowered by the governing body to put a stop to the violence. But the liberals have created a ground zero for violence just too they have something to fall back on when they have to answer why their regulations are destroying people.

The media ignores the problem, and the liberals support the violence. And yet, with all of their self-proclaimed righteousness, the liberals have the audacity to point their witchy fingers at peaceful demonstrations and cry foul. The Capitol protests only turned violent when the likes of liberal terrorists infiltrated the crowd and started causing trouble.

And, of course, the media rejected the truth and evidence that Antifa had started the trouble. After all, the liberals do not believe such an organization exists even though the terrorists claim they do exist.

The story that the Democrats are spinning about the state of the pandemic and the rejection of violence in Portland all point to one big picture that they are trying to keep hidden. The pandemic and Portland are big distractions designed to focus on the liberals and their attempts to overthrow the American governmental system.

Once upon a time in Wheeler’s land, he supported the violence that was hurting people and even ending some of the people’s lives. But when that violence came to his home, he quickly changed his tune. Wheeler stated that  “The community is sick and tired of people engaging in acts of criminal destruction and violence,’ Mayor Ted Wheeler said at a news conference last week. The rioters, he said, were harming the cause of racial justice and ‘also standing on the air hose of the economic recovery for a lot of our small businesses.”

But terrorists do not care who they hurt. All they care about is getting what they want. They may act like they favor one political party over another, but in the end, as Wheeler found out, they hate them as much as everyone else.

The Democrats in Washington act scared when a Republican walks by because they think that they are rebels. But the truth is that Democratic supporters are the ones behind the acts of violence. And that is why the media and the liberals are ignoring the trouble. They approve of what is happening.

The media would instead focus on a fake pandemic than condemn the actions of their violent brothers. They would rather accuse innocent people of racial acts rather than try and put down the violence that is destroying a beautiful American city full of patriots seeking to make a living for themselves.

Ted Wheeler may act like he hates the violence, but when it came time to prosecute the thugs, he allowed them to get away with murder and escape the judicial system. He would rather blame Donald Trump for his troubles than face the fact that his own political party abandoned him to deal with the insurrectionists. In hindsight, Wheeler should have accepted Donald Trump’s help when it was offered the first time. He would not be in trouble he is now.