Liberal Paper Admits That Nutty Democrats Have Pushed COVID at the Expense of Kids


A piece that was run by the New York Times claims that children are the ones that are being abused during COVID-19 by all Americans. And by Americans, the New York Times means all Democrats and liberals that keep pushing the pandemic narrative.

The Republican Americans have warned multiple times that pandemic lockdowns and at-home learning are detrimental to a child’s health. But the Democrats are deaf and refuse to listen to the facts supported by science. But now that the midterm elections are coming up, they want to appear as if they care about people.

The Daily Wire noted that the story written by David Leonhardt stated that “American children are starting 2022 in crisis. I have long been aware that the pandemic was upending children’s lives. But until I spent time pulling together data and reading reports, I did not understand just how alarming the situation had become.” He did not understand because, like all good liberal reporters, he ignored the situation purely on political grounds.

The kids are reportedly falling behind in academics because they are not in class and are motivated to keep moving. Many of the kids are over a year behind because, in places such as California, the governor kept changing the rules, which kept schools from teaching the kids.

The lack of social interaction has also proved to be disastrous for young people. Children need each other to develop into adults that can converse and react to others well.

Instead of running and playing with friends,’ kids have been locked up in their homes and told that they could not leave. Some kids would commit suicide, while others would act out with criminal behavior. All of that energy was turned into health issues.

The Daily Wire showed that the author wrote, “For the past two years, large parts of American society have decided harming children was an unavoidable side effect of Covid-19. And that was probably true in the spring of 2020 when nearly all of society shut down to slow the spread of a deadly and mysterious virus.”

The issue of child abuse during the pandemic falls squarely in the arms of the Democrats. Areas of the country that were open and free have not suffered the horrible effects of massive and perpetual lockdowns. The liberal states are where the problems originate from.

The issue that the liberals are trying to raise are legitimate concerns but where they are placing the blame is far from the truth. The liberals want to blame every American, but the vast majority of the people were voicing their concerns and even tried to use the facts as a means to get the Democrats to stop locking everyone down.

But now that the harm has been done to the kids, no solutions are being offered to help those hurt the most. The Democrats love to create and talk about problems, but they are short on solutions. Leonhardt is quick to point out the issues and blame everyone else, but he fails, as usual, to tell of the abuse in the blue states that is still happening.

The nasty author is not going unchallenged in his accusations. Many Republican and conservative-based groups point out the points that he does not want to talk about. The Democrats ignore people that do not agree with them politically and will continue to hurt all that stand in their way to total domination.

The Democrats may be thinking that they are leading the way by making this announcement. But what the reality is for them is that they are finally catching up. Only to the point of realizing there is a problem.

The liberals have it all wrong, and their policies show it. The Republicans are the ones that have cared enough to protect kids from the harmful effects of the liberal’s actions.