Liberal Court Orders Release of Hundreds of Illegal Criminals

The Immigration issue is a hot topic in politics today. Democrats want to open borders and make every person that crosses a legal American citizen without them going through the legal process.

Republicans want to see people become citizens the legal way. Immigration laws are in place to protect the nation’s integrity and make sure that it is not overrun by illegals seeking to destroy the American way of life.

The evil Democrats hate the current immigration laws because it restricts illegals from being able to enter the country. Any time they can get a group of illegals released from Immigration and Customs Enforcement facilities, they pursue that option until forced to stop.

Democrats are using the COVID-19 pandemic status to their advantage in just about every matter they are involved with. They were able to get a judge to order the release of 250 illegals with criminal records by stating that COVID-19 was going to kill them all.

The judge ruled along party lines and released the criminals back out onto the streets. The judge did not even consider any other options for keeping the criminals locked up. Terry Hatter simply let them out to prey on Americans again.

ICE stated that they had made repeated requests for the detainees to be moved to other locations for their own health and safety. But that was not good enough for the liberals.

They wanted them released so they could harm people. The decision to release the illegal aliens is not one of concern, but rather it is about making a political statement.

A federal contractor runs the facility. And the inmates in the facility had records of violent crimes and sexual crimes against minors. These are the types of people that the Democrats support and want to see running free in the country.

This is one instance where the court has overstepped its authority. Tony H. Pham serves as the Senior Official Performing the Duties of the Director for ICE. He stated that “While opponents who continuously seek to discredit the agency might otherwise mislead the public to believe that those in detention pose no risk to public safety, nothing could be further from the truth. ICE has complied with this overreaching court order; however, the public should know that the ruling undoubtedly places them at greater risk.”

The court’s decision to let criminals out is a violation of the purpose of the courts. They are to put criminals away behind bars and not let them out. This judge has betrayed every American and is not fit to sit on the bench. He should be tried for treason and forced to join the illegals behind bars. He might then get a taste of what everyone else has to live with because he let them out.

Democrats all over the country have let their criminals out of prison because of COVID-19. They have made the mission of police officers extremely hard. Their mission is to serve and protect.

They should not have to protect from people that they have already taken down on the streets. The Democrats have failed in their duty to support law enforcement.

Liberals make the virus out to worse than it really is. People that have underlying conditions have a hard time getting over it. But that is true of the flu and every other viral agent that is out there today.

The liberals just want to use the coronavirus for as long as they can. They want to use it as a means of gain real power in government.

ICE has stated that they follow “an aggressive inspections program for its detention centers. As an added precautionary measure for communities. No detainee was released until officials established a high degree of certainty that they did not pose a COVID-19 public health risk.”

ICE already had measures in place to keep the virus from spreading to the general population. But now it has been let by a judge that thought he knew better how to run the detention center.

ICE has also proven that of those released by the liberals, there have been 411 criminals that have been arrested for new crimes.

These were people that were already in custody before their liberal buddies let them out of jail. Democrats do not care about American lives, just their own, and those that would murder innocent people.