Let’s Pump the Breaks on the Dems’ New Coronavirus Bailout

Shouldn’t the coronavirus bailout fund be focused on ways to bail the country out of the coronavirus-induced financial crisis? Yes, but the Democrats are shady, shady creatures.

There’s a reason why no one has gotten the Biden-promised $1400 stimulus check yet. Republicans are fighting the Democrats on the bailout fund because there’s too much being spent on things that have nothing to do with COVID.

The bill, which is going to cost close to $2 trillion, is going to provide bailouts for state governments that don’t need them. The only reason that states even need bailouts is that they want to keep everyone in lockdown. If they were to open up the economy, Americans could get back to work.

The bailouts will only keep more Americans in lockdown and destroy more jobs.

We need to be very cautious about passing the coronavirus bailout fund that the Democrats have created. It’s not just about a stimulus check. It’s about adding a $15 an hour minimum wage – something that will only cause inflation across the board. It could also result in over 1 million job losses.

Amtrak would be given $1.5 billion in financial aid. While that sounds like it could be beneficial, they’re already sitting on $1 billion of aid that they haven’t spent yet. Maybe, just maybe, they should spend what they have before being given any more.

The bill will also allow funding to go to colleges and universities that have partnerships with companies owned or controlled by Communist China. Oh, but we’re not supposed to worry about getting into relations with China.

As if this isn’t bad enough, if the bill does get passed, it won’t just be Americans receiving the stimulus checks. Families, where one parent is an illegal alien, will also receive checks. This means that we’re encouraging illegal aliens to stay in the country. They’ll continue to leech off the system – and the Democrats don’t care as long as the illegal aliens are counted in the Census.

Oh, and the Payment Protection Plan (PPP) is also going to help fund violent criminals. Those who have been found guilty of assaulting police officers or of “consensual” sex crimes will get plenty of extra funding.

This is all a result of Biden’s America. Isn’t it great? Any Democrat who finds this appalling should – yet they’re responsible because they decided they’d vote blue…no matter who.

Well, they shouldn’t care who is in office, then. They shouldn’t care that they got a president who is more concerned about appeasing the far left than anyone else. They shouldn’t care that they got a president who lied to get into the office.

Everything about the new stimulus package is appalling. The Democrats want to spend close to $2 trillion, and for what? They want to help the country support illegal aliens. They want to help criminals have the funds to commit more crimes. And, they want to tie us closer to China.

This is a bailout fund. It’s not a coronavirus stimulus package. If it were to help the country bounce back after being plagued by COVID-19, there would be more talk of vaccines and higher checks to those who are in need. It would help Americans. Instead, it’s a wish list of everything that the Democrats begged for during the four years of the Trump administration that was denied to them.

Biden is trying to wrap it up in a nice package and pay off Americans with a menial stimulus check in hopes that we won’t notice. The only problem is, we’ve noticed.

There are too many things within the bill that have nothing to do with coronavirus. And, while we have Americans who are on the streets and hungry, we have no right to hand out grants totaling $800 million in foreign food aid.

Every Democrat should be ashamed of themselves. When they voted for Biden, they voted to put Americans second.