“Let’s Go, Brandon” Comes to Florida as Ron DeSantis Joins In on the Fun

Hunter Crenian / Shutterstock.com
Hunter Crenian / Shutterstock.com

The maniac media has taken a simple statement and turned it into a weapon used by conservatives to tell Joe Biden what they think of the old man.

The “Let’s go, Brandon” phrase had become the cover phrase for a chant that NASCAR fans chanted when Brandon Brown won the big race. The crowd chanted “F*** Joe Biden,” and the media tried to lie that they were saying something else. And it was at that moment that Joe Biden would have his nemesis phrase following him wherever he went.

It does not take long for the media to make a massive mess out of something that would have died down had they not tried to lie and cover up what the crowd was chanting. They shot Joe Biden in the foot, and now there is a phrase that people can use around children that gets a clear message of disapproval across without polluting little ears.

The phrase has become so popular that people are beginning to add humor to volatile issues. Southwest Airlines has been a favorite target of liberals with Biden’s vaccine mandate. They wanted to see the airline fire its employees and then become another statistic for Joe Biden’s legacy.

The vaccine mandate prompted one of the airlines’ pilots to use the phrase while talking with passengers on a flight he was working on. The liberals went hysterical and are now trying to make a massive issue of what one man stated to a few passengers on a plane.

The phrase has already made its way around the globe, and now it appears to have made it to the political arena.

Ron DeSantis was giving a press conference when he decided that he would make some waves of his own, referring to the Biden administration as the “Brandon administration.”

He was quick to point out that the Democrats have said far worse statements against Donald Trump than ever about the old man.

DeSantis noted that “I don’t even know. Do you know how that started? You have the media; they’re hand-wringing over this. It was at a NASCAR race, and they’re doing an interview with the driver, I guess his name was Brandon, and the crowd starts chanting ‘very colorful language’ about Joe Biden.”

The governor stated that the media tried to cover it up by having their reporter provide a false narrative about it while living with the winner of the NASCAR race.

DeSantis further explained “So they’re chanting this, and you have a reporter from NBC who knows that’s what they’re saying and she’s trying to cover for Biden and she says ‘yeah they’re chanting let’s go Brandon,’ and that was a lie. So this chant has taken on a life of its own because it exposes the dishonesty of these corporate reporters and what they do every day. They try to lie. So now you see it.”

Ever since Biden stole the president’s office from Donald Trump, the Democrats and liberals have gotten bold. They are now willing to be live on national television and lie or state incorrect information before their viewers. They have no ethics or moral code that exists when it comes to reporting the facts.

Swear words are phrases that should never be used in politics. There is a level of professionalism that comes with the job. But in Washington, that standard of professionalism escapes the liberal left.

They think they can lie their way to victory and slam anyone they want to without answering for it. But when one person says anything about them, they quickly demand the other person’s head before them.

Factually, the genuine nastiness that needs to be reported is the mess and abandonment that Joe Biden is doing towards the country. He has turned his back on allies of America and has brought in millions of illegals to create an unsafe environment for law-abiding people.

He is a man that forever will have the name “Brandon” attached to his name.